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    Is homoeopathy really effective?

    Do you want to know whether homoeopathy is really an effective form of treatment or not? Find out whether sinusitis and deviated nasal bone can be treated by homoeopathy or not.

    Is homeopathy really an effective form of treatment? Discuss its unique benifits and drawbacks as compared to alopathy. I need effective treatment for sinusitis and deviated nasal bone, is it possible and completely effective in homeopathy? At least how long would it take?
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    Yes Homeopathy is definitely an effective method of human treatment. It has witnessed in the cure of several diseases. However, Homeopathic treatments are generally have long term durations and a person needing immediate help often rush for Allopathic treatments.

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    Homeopathy is a very effective treatment. People take allopathy treatment for immediate relief. Homeopathy will be very effective in a longer run. In homeopathic treatment they give medicine and they will suggest some exercises. There will be change in life style. This helps to cure the disease. But it will take a time duration for curing the disease.

    The homeopathy medicine will increase the strength of the immune system which will resist the growth of the disease. Allopathy medicine will fight with the disease.Homeopathy treatment will decrease the growth of the disease and leads to curing of some diseases. Allopathy treatment fights with the disease and cures few disease. Few diseases reuires continuous intake of medicines in allopathy treatment.

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    Yes, homeopathy is effective and a similar question has already been answered. Refer to the below given discussion:

    Which cure is best Homeopathy or Allopathy

    Also given in reference url is the site which I referred for knowing more about Homeopathy.

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    No, homeopathy does not work. It is a form of placebo and is called alternative medicine for a good reason - it is not medicine. Scientific research has shown that homoepathic treatment is a ridiculous notion, and a sham to get your money.

    I would not recommend relying on homeopathic treatments as they may have minimal to no effects on your condition. Visit a good, certified doctor to get proper treatment for your conditions instead of flavoured water.

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    Homeopathy is a branch of medical science consisting of innumerable medicines ,which have been tested a number of times for its efficacy. Even homoeopathic medical colleges are established all over the world on the basis of its wide acceptance and healing effects of homoeopathic medicines.We have seen miracles in such incurable disease where Allopaths failed to offer any relief.Asthama ,psoriasis ,migraine do not have any effective medicines in allopathy ,however the patients have got tremendous relief in homoeopathic system.

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    So Sheo Shankar Jha,
    Keeping my original query in mind (where I stated that I need effective treatment for sinusitis and deviated nasal bone), can you or anybody else advise me if homeopathic treatment would be best compared to allopathic? And could you also name some medicine for it based on your experience? I have tried Allopathic treatment for some 3 months but I felt no major change in my health. My problem is persistent since my early teenage.

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