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    Scope of in ECE?

    hii friends!!!
    Please tell me the scope of career opportunities in Field Electronics and Communication in the next 4-5 years????
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    Cources like Electronics and communication,Electrical and Mechanical are very stable and ever green.They will have less impact by recession.That is not the case with computers and IT.They are proportional to market fluctuations.

    I am from Computer science but ECE has good opportunities in the future compared to mine.Most government jobs prefer candidates from ECE and EEE.(you occupy majority of seats).As an example, ECE branch is opted by most students in this year's EAMCET.This is a rough indicator.

    All the best

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    I am also An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and currently in 3rd year. Actually this stream is similar to Mechanical or Electrical in terms of Placement.

    Moreover, We can switch to Software Field from Hardware field of ours just by doing some extra diploma course like Java Programming or whatever.
    Unlike Computer Science, we have scope and exposure in many fields
    If seeing its position in 3-4 years, it'll be very much demanding because of boom in Technical Sector...


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    I am from ECE .As the question is about career in ECE, then its an evergreen branch. It is the combination of hardware and software both. so we have a large variety of courses in it. So it is a vast field. The pay scale is also good. and the major thing is that it is needed in every field whether it is mechanical or IT sector.

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    I am from EIE.As u asked about the future,if u learn well then u will get a very good job in Govt sector.u can go in research & development also.u can work as a scientist too if u are really interested.

    other than this as we know we can go for software too,if u are prepare well get the subject in touch.all the best.

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    Electronics engineering is a stable and good branch from job perspectives. It has a good scope and is not affected by market trends. You can also enter into IT related jobs in case you which to after your Electronics engineering. Moreover courses like PLC, VLSI are good to add value to this course and get good job openings.

    You can find the jobs related to Electronics engineering at

    Also, you can view the colleges offering B.E in electronics at B.E Electronics colleges

    Best Wishes,

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    Hii. Now a coming years there is a huge demand of ECE .specially In our country all networking company going to launch 4G .So there is no any confusion how much that sector is reliable and part of job also .ECE Student they always intend in telecom sector .other country like AUS,USA they reached at top in telecom sector despite of that manufacture of electronics parts is making impact in worldwide .

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