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    Which gas is more harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon monoxide (CO)?

    Do you want to know which gas is more harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon monoxide (CO)? Learn more about the adverse effects carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon monoxide (CO) here.

    Carbon Dioxide is that gas which is now very much harmful for our atmosphere or our environment. Excess of CO2 has given rise to global warming. But CO is also harmful as it is very difficult to detect this gas. Excess intake of CO can result even in death also. So, my question is that which gas is more harmful CO2 or CO?
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    We know that both gas is bad for human CO2 and CO.
    In case of harmful i would like to say that CO(carbon Mono-oxide)is more harmful then CO2(carbon dioxide).
    Because CO is dangerous gas which make environment more heat and bad for not only human but also other.Due to this global warming,acid rain happens.
    CO gas is produce from petrol ,disal engine when oil burns in piston come from in form of fog "Dhuwa".

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    Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the oxide forms of carbon. Both of these oxides are harmful for human beings. If we compare both, Carbon monoxide is more harmful than carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is a killer gas and harmful to all aerobic organisms.

    It is a colourless, odourless and non-irritating gas, so it becomes difficult for a person to detect this gas. This gas released from vehicles, factories, electric generators etc. This gas can be easily absorbed by the lungs, and makes its harmful effect on the central nervous system and restricts oxygen supply to the body. This may lead to death of the person. So, it is advised not to sleep in the room where fuel used electric generators are running.

    However carbon monoxide is not toxic but it won't support life. Living organisms cannot be survived in the presence of this gas due to suffocation. This gas can be detected by its faint pungent odour.

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    Carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide are both harmful for the environment as well as for the living organism. Due to the increase in the percentage of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (thanks to our activities), it has led to Global Warming. Carbon dioxide can absorb a large amount of heat and doesn't led the reflected sun rays from the earth to escape. As a result, the global temperature is increasing like anything.

    Carbon monoxide is more harmful than carbon dioxide because it decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas and it bind with the Hemoglobin in place of oxygen as carbon monoxide form a much stable complex with hemoglobin than oxygen. As a result, the amount of oxygen decreases in the body and the person feels suffocation.

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    Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely toxic, colourless, odourless gas. It forms as a result of incomplete commission of certain organic compounds and compounds containing Carbon. When a human breathes CO, it dissolves in the haemoglobin of our blood to form carboxyhaemoglobin which can br fatal. CO has more affinity for haemoglobin than oxygen and as a result our body receives less oxygen and as a result can suffer death.
    CO2 , on the other hand, has no toxicity issues with it . We humans breathe out CO2 . But too much CO2 in the environment leads to global warming and acid rain. CO2 however is absorbed by plants and thus am increase in tree plantation is the best way to balance an increase in CO2 levels in our environment.
    Comparing both of them, CO is definitely the more dangerous gas towards human beings and other animals

    With Regards
    Soumyadip Saha

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