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    Is it true that walking in green grass can improve the vision and reduce the spec number?

    Do you want to know whether walking in green grass can improve the vision and reduce the spec number? Learn more about the ophthalmologic benefits of walking on green grass here.

    I am having specs and have low vision in my both eyes. One of my friend suggest me to walk in green grass by bare foot. Is there any scientific proof that improved the vision by walking barely in green and fresh grass? If it is, what are the different sources which tell this fact as true?
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    I have read about this in many articles but it still remains unclear whether its true or not. However eyes react differently to different colours. Green is the peaceful colour and activates your nerve system than any other colour. In addition walking barefooted can be linked to acupuncture methods as the prickles in the feet are directly used to activate the nerve fibres which are connected to the feet. So whether its true or false walking in grass barefooted surely gives relaxation. Its better to try.
    -Aasrith Reddy

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    There are few exercises that helps health improvement and those exercise can't be explained in a Scientifically manner but the result is really awesome / positive, beyond the imagination of Scientists.

    I too have heard that walking on Green grass can improve our vision and reduce the spec number etc. but who will actually, practically and continuously doing it?

    To improve your eyesight from bad to good is, few suggestion I came across and sharing with all of you.

    Avoid too much salty items
    Slightly rub on eyelashes daily as an exercise
    Divert your vision to a different place often
    Sleep ontime and make sure your eyes never strain
    Don't use very hot water to shower
    Don't watch the thing that glare your eyes
    Do not eat much fatty items like Mayonnaise though it is preparing from egg, fat and oil etc.

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