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    Best 1TB External Hard-Drives under Rs 4000 in India?

    Do you want to buy 1 TB external hard disk? Learn more about the best 1TB External Hard-Drives under Rs 4000 in India here.

    I am a good collector of movies of all types like Romance, Adventure, Suspense etc. Recently my hard disk has got full and I dont want to delete my movie collections and other stuffs. I want to buy an 1 TB External Hard Drive so that I can save my collections but I dont know which one will be best for me.

    My budget is Rs 4000/- (It can be extended in case of exceptional case)

    Please Suggest.

    Computer Model : HCL (Branded)
    Processor : Pentium(R] Dual-Core CPU Ei200 @2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
    Installed memory[RAM]: 2.00 GB
    System type : 32-bit Operating System

    Windows edition
    Windows7 Ultimate
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    Best 1TB External Hard-Drives under Rs.4000 in india is Seagate with usb 3.0, It is with in the range of Rs.3500-Rs.4000.It is also compatible with your system and is faster in accessing with usb 3.0 technology.

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    Your budget of rupees 4000 can't fetch you the best of the 1Tb external hard drives available in Indian markets you have to estimate your budget a way far than 4000 i.e, around 4500-5000 rupees in order to get the best external Hard drives. I have some popular manufacturers of Hard drives in Indian markets.

    Seagate 1 Tb[usb 3.0] around 4700 approx.
    Wd 1 Tb[usb 3.0] around 4800 approx.
    Transcend 1Tb[usb 3.0] 4900 approx.
    Toshiba 1 Tb[usb 3.0] 4700 approx.

    The above mentioned prices are in the online market. But if you go in the Offline market the prices may vary and will cost you 300-500 rupees less. But on the whole a good 1 Tb Hard drive will cost you around 4200 to 4500 rupees. But mostly go for seagate and transcend as they have good accessing rate and good customer support.

    R. Gautham Shenoy.

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    I am happy to see a member like me. I too collect movies but only English movies. I have a 2 TB hard disk filled with more than 1500 english movies. Coming to the point, these are the 1 TB hard disks I recommend to you.
    1) Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB Wired HDD (available in four colors Black, Silver, Blue and Red)
    2) Dell Backup Plus 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive (available in black mostly)
    3) Toshiba Canvio Alumy 1 TB Wired HDD (available in 4 colors Black, Gold, Blue and Red)
    4) Lenovo 1 TB Wired HDD External Hard Drive (available mostly in grey)
    5) Sony 1 TB Wired HDD External Hard Drive (available in 2 colors Black and Silver)
    All the above mentioned hard disks have an MRP up to 7000 rupees. But, you can get them from 3500 to 4500 rupees in sites like flip kart, amazon etc,.

    Hope this answer helps.

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