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    Remedy for oily skin

    I am a smart engineering student.I have continuos oil surface in my face.When i scratch the face,some sticky liquid comes out.Morning after the bath ,my face looks bright.But at the evening,my face looks dark by the sticking of dust in my face.Please suggest me a good soap that works on my face well and also it should be economical.
    Thank you!!!
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    Hi Friend,
    Don't worry with your Oily Skin.
    Some basic things to follow to have a good skin:
    1. Wash Face Thrice Daily.
    2. Use Soap on the face Twice Daily.
    3. Avoid easting Oily foods.

    I request you to please read the answers from these mentiones links below:

    Hope, you could get rid of your problem soon.


    Anindya (Andy)

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    Use a good facewash instead of soap. Choose a facewash depending on your skin type.
    If your skin becomes oily at forehead, nose and chin i.e. T-zone, you have a combination skin. Himalaya face wash is good for all skin types.

    Before going to bed, clean your face with a good cleanser for oily skin.

    Carry a blotting tissue to help remove excess oil from your face when you go out.

    Do not use a moisturizer, instead use a light face cream mixed with lactocalamine immediately after bath i.e when your skin is moist and can absorb the cream nicely.

    Twice in a week apply good facepack depending on your skin type.


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    I too have an oily skin and I could suggest you the following:

    1) Have lots of water to drink during the day though you are not sweating.
    2) Make sure to include papaya in your diet while having breakfast. Have the fruit first and then your meal.
    3) Dont wash face with hot water. Use soap only once during the day in the morning. Rest of the day use only water to wash your face.
    4) Dont go in for any make up kits or anything because that would only prove futile. I have used all sorts of antibiotics recommended by the doctor for 8 years but that did not help. Its only when i actually started to drink water and fruits, my skin improved.

    All the best and dont get the feeling of insecurity or lowness during this phase.

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    We can get rid of from oily skin by following these methods.
    1.Avoid eating oily foods like chips,mixtures,deep fried foods.
    2.You have to take fruits in your daily life instesd of snacks.
    3.Drink more water daily.
    4.Wash your face 2 hours once.
    5.Take healthy nutritional foods like mint leaves, spinach,vegetables.

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