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    What will be the good course after 12th for good career?

    Do you want to know what can be a good course after class 12? Learn more about good career opportunities after the plus two level here.

    My brother has finished his 12th taking Bio/Maths group, please tell me which course is best nowadays and good scope in future? Is it BSc computer science,B com , BBA,BCA are good to take and there is any good scope for engineers nowadays?
    he is a talented boy with all eligibility, but he is really confused to take the college, so he needs some guidance and support for him, so please tell some suggestion?
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    As you said your brother has great potential and has all eligibility he can apply for any course. But here the question is what to be selected. I think every high school student faces this situation. The only solution to this is to analyse the goals of the student for his future and select a course that helps him to reach his goals. In this case, you ask your brother about his desired career (dream job) and based on this you can take a decision on which course is to be selected. The other way is to search internet for best career options or free career counsellers. These help students in deciding what they want to be and what course thay want to select.
    If you want to consider professional counsellers there are few best in market offering great services but they will charge for their services.

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    Dear Friend, your brother should do a course in which he is interested, because without keen interest he cannot complete a course with good marks/grade. Every course nowadays have a good scope in future whether it is B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., BBA, BCA, etc. I know some hard working peoples who are earning well and are at good positions in reputed companies, they also done courses according to their interests.

    Best of Luck for your Brother.

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    After passing his school examination every student is caught in this doubtful situation. So I suggest some solution of them

    (1) BA Degree: It is a best option after completing your school study. After taking BA degree you can prepare for PSC and UPSC examinations. You will have a better future the.

    (2) BSC degree: As your brother have taken Maths in 12th class examination, so BSC will be a great option to him. After completing your BSC degree there are many fields for getting jobs.

    (3) B COM Degree: B COM is also a great option for your brother. After B COM you can prepare for CA examination. You will have a better future then.

    (4) BSC with Computer: It is also a great option for your brother. If he does BSC with computer he will gain some knowledge related to computers. As this is the world of computers, So the computers knowledge will be useful for your brother.

    (5) Other Courses: If you are not interested in the above courses, you can choose other courses too.

    But it will depend on you what you want to do. So take your decision and start work for it.

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    Qu. (1) Which course is best nowadays and good scope in future?
    Ans: There are many courses for 12th passed students in our country. All courses have great importance. Courses are nothing but our hard work makes any course important or unimportant.
    Some courses of the day:

    (1) Different degrees in our colleges: There are many degrees for a 12th class pass student. They are – BA, BSC, BSC with computer. BCA, BBA, B COM and many other. They are very good and have great scope of jobs. After taking these jobs, we can prepare for many competitive examinations including banking services, railways, civil services and many others.

    (2) Engineering Courses: After passing 12th class examination a student can go in the engineering field. After completing his course he can get the job of an engineer. He can get job in private sector or in government sector.

    (3) Best course: No course is the best course and the worst course. It is our hard work that makes it best or worst. So according to your interest chose any one of them.

    Qu. (2) Is it BSc computer science,B com , BBA,BCA are good to take?
    Ans: Yes, BSc computer science, B com, BBA, BCA are good to take for our bright future. We should take them according to our interest.

    Qu. (3) Is there any good scope for engineers nowadays?
    Ans: Yes, there are many good and bright scopes for engineers nowadays.

    As your brother is an intelligent boy. So tell him to chose his course according to his interest.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

    Make each day your masterpiece.

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    Good course after 12th for a good career depends upon your interest. What field are you interested in? If that too you are not able to decide then you can do career assessment test being offered by universities like LPU, Amity etc for the benefit of those students who are undecided about career choices. This facility helps you choose a career according to your passion and aptitude. Best of luck.

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