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    Which is the best engineering course?

    Do you want to know what is the best engineering course? Get our expert helps to select the best engineering courses for a better and bright career ahead.

    1)Aeronautical Engineering
    2)Electronics and communication engineering
    3)Electrical and electronics engineering
    4)Electronics and instrumentation engineering
    5)Mechanical Engineering
    6)Chemical Engineering
    7)printing technology
    8)production engineering

    I want to select any one of the above engineering course in Anna university.Because I have 197.25 cut off only. please help me.
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    Any course is a good course to select.As you got only cutoff you should select those courses which have less competetion. I think you can select Aeronautical, chemical, mechanical, production. I would prefer Aeronautical engineering as not only competetion is less but also has great options for career after completion of the course. You can also opt for searching google for previous year's selection procedure to relevant marks scored. Based on this analysis you can select one of the appropraite courses.

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    I have not too much idea about Anna University courses. But I can guide you for selection.

    Above all courses are good. Course selection depends on your choice, in which field you are good so that you can grow more and you can study with 100%.
    Never copy others, never select course by just prediction only.

    If you like Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, and if you are able to get admission with your this percentage then select first Mechanical then Electrical engineering. Mechanical is evergreen field. Also you will get good job opportunity as a fresher and after experienced with good salary. There are lots of companies in India which require mechanical engineers.

    Next If you like to make career in IT software field, then select Computer Engineering. Computer field is also good.

    As per me, Chemical Engineering, printing technology, production engineering and Geo-informatics have less seats and also have good opportunities after study.

    Aeronautical Engineering is also one good growing field. There are good opportunity in this. It is related to Mechanical Engineering.

    Electronics and communication engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering, Electronics and instrumentation engineering are almost same except some subjects. Electronics is common for all these. Communication have some telecom related subjects. Electrical has some electrical related subjects. Instrumentation deals with all kind of instruments which uses electronic principle to run.

    For your Information: Electronics and Electrical both are totally different. Electronics came from Electrical. In a layman language Electronics deal with law voltage designed things such as PCBs and digital things. Electrical deal with high voltage designed things.

    Even in this time, if you select B.Sc, then it will also be good. All are going for only engineering. No one prefer to go for B.Sc. There will be demand after few years for B.Sc.

    Whatever you select, work hard and you will get success. Knowledge is the power. Try to understand things from basics, which will help you to grow more.
    Best of luck for your career.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    The very first thing is it depends upon your interest that what branch you want to opt for otherwise we have B.Tech CSE/ ECE/ EE/ EEE/ IT/ Mech./ Civil/ Biotech/ Nanotech./ Agri.Engg./ Food Techno./ Textile Engg.etc. If still you are not able to decide then you can give career assessment tests that are being offered by many universities like Amity, LPU etc on their websites for the benefit of students.

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    Hi member,

    First you should think in which course you have interest. All courses have equal importance, but interest you have on specific subjects should be identified. Depending on your interested subjects one can choose a particular course. Or else if you want to do a government job, then it is better to choose Electronics and communication engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering, Electronics and instrumentation engineering, Mechanical Engineering departments. If you are interested in programming languages or if you want software jobs then you can choose computer science engineering, information technology departments. If you are interested in aeronautics then you can choose Aeronautical Engineering.

    Thanks & regards,

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    I think , you can get answer from you . Because it is a part of interest so Choose branch which has our interest.
    Mechanical Engg. become common branch for people but their demand become still. Electrical is also best future scope branch. In electrical you can become programmer for automation like PLC, SCADA , MATLAB by doing programming in it .

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