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    I want to know about registration process of Mturk and Google adsense.

    Looking for online work? Find out the details about Mturk and Google adsense. Learn how Mturk and Google AdSense can help you to earn online.

    Hi all,

    I want to know the registration process of Mturk and Google AdSense.
    What happens getting many rejections from Mturk and Google AdSense?

    Long back, I created mturk account and I failed to complete it. Because, at that time I dont have PAN. And, I again created account for mtuk with another id. By doing this, my IP address was blocked for mturk.

    Recently, I did the same thing about Google AdSense. Without having any knowledge in Google AdSense I create one profile and add a webpage which is not relate to me. Now, again I fear to create Google AdSense account. Which ID I need to use? If I use more than one Google AdSense accounts then our IP address will block. Once, our IP is ban then how to not to be ban on the website?
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    Mturk is a worker platform for working on HITS for which you are to create your profile with Mturk using your user ID and password with amazon. Mturk is available in Uuited States only. Had you made a profile with your US address and location, there is no bar on working from anywhere in the word.

    For Google Adsense, You have two options

    Start your own blog and publish quality content for at least six months as you can apply of adsense only after completion of 6 months from the date of your first blog post.

    Make your profile ID with IndiaStudyChannel, Techulator of HubPages which are adsense API host sites. Write articles on these sites and remain active in forums and questions, answers or other area of your interest. Apply to adsense through these sites but even then you are to wait for six months. Do not forget to make a dedicated Gmail ID for adsense.

    Spider Man

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    @Spider Man,

    Who said Mturk work in US only? Already my friend, earned from mturk and got checks also. Still, she is working on Hits and earning money. For me, I created one more profile on Mturk so my IP was banned. It works with permanent IP address only.

    What I knew is, from few months onwards Mturk is not accepting new ID's due to multiple creation of ID's in India mainly.

    I got this answer after I concerned to my friend. Even she is working with Mturk.

    What my question is: Again and again creation of multiple ID's with the same IP address will work, once IP was ban? What to do, once our IP was ban in that site (Mturk)?

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    @Spider Man,

    Here I want to clear you one thing. That is, Mturk works in India also. My friend is earning with Mturk by working on Hits. She got checks also. Still she is working on Hits.

    Here my question is: I knew that, Again and again creation of multiple ID's with the same IP address in Mturk/ Google AdSense will make our IP ban. But, to not to ban our IP or make our IP again working on the site, then what we should do?

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    Can you please ask your friend to tell the details .I think he/she might have made the ID from an address in United States and after coming back to India, there is no ban in working from India on a valid ID created in United States. Still I have started my research on the topic and will revert on the issue.
    Ashok Goyal

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