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    Need guidance for writing an application to the principal

    Want to write application to your principal/teacher? Want to learn to write formal applications? Learn here from experts how to write formal applications.

    I recently took Transfer Certificate from Saint Josephs School, and now am planning to request the principal to let me write the exams of class 10 from the same school.

    How to write an application for the same and ask him permission to write for class 10 exam partially?
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    If you took Transfer certificate from principal recently and now you want to write the exams of 10th from same school you need to write a letter which has a body of requesting him to continue you in school and cancel the transfer certificate and allow you to write his 10th exams through school. If the principal refuses to do so then you can join the same school as new entry. If this isn't possible then you need to search for other schools that accept entries in middle of the year.

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    The principal,
    Saint Josephs School,

    Respected sir,
    I request you to kindly permit me to write my board exams this year.As you know I have already collected my transfer certificate you may find it difficult again to allow me.Kindly cancel the same, since we are not getting transfered to another place. I hope you understand my situation and will do the needful.

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    To continue study in an Institution after taking transfer certificate from the same will be undoubtedly problematic for anyone. To solve the problem simply meet the principal and tell him about your problem very politely. Ask him what you should do in this critical stage. He will be the best mentor to resolve you problem. Just follow his instruction so that you can write for class 10 examination again.

    In the body of your letter you can explain the reason for which you decided to take transfer certificate and also include why you want to continue there again. Type of the language of your application should be very polite and considerable. Ask him to consider your case very seriously.

    Hope he must help you to rescue as such you will be able to write again in the examination in spite of taking transfer from the same Institution.

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    The Principal,
    Saint Josephs School,
    Sub: Regarding cancellation of Transfer Certificate issued to me
    With due respect I beg to say that I collected my transfer certificate from the school as my father's transfer was due. Now I want to appear in my X class exam from the school as my father's transfer has been cancelled.
    You are, therefore, requested to cancel my transfer certificate and allow me to write my board exam from the school. In case, this is not possible, kindly allow me to enroll as a new student. I will grateful to you for saving my precious academic year.
    Thanking you,
    Obediently yours
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