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    How to watch Star Sports 2 or Cricket online for free?

    Are you eager to watch Star Sports 2 channel programs online? In this thread you will know how to watch Star Sports 2 channel programs online for free.

    My dish provider doesnt provide me the Star Sports 2 channel for me to subscribe and this is a new channel and so its also not available on the local cable tv. I want to watch the Star Sports 2 or Cricket online for free on my mobile phone which dont have flash player, so please say me how to watch it.
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    Check out with your cable operator to provide
    If he not providing then switch to a new operator which is providing you the concerned site
    And if your mobile is not upgraded then switch to new version mobile and watch because some mobiles does have the configuration and such tv sites will not come

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    M.K Dan,
    There are lot of channels to watch live cricket online. But you should have flash player to support. You have mentioned that your mobile does not have it. So you can't watch the live game using this mobile. Please upgrade your mobile and watch it in the official website


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    Hai friend,
    The first and foremost criteria to watch live cricket matches on mobiles is the requirement of flash player. As you said, you don't have it on your mobile, you should think of changing of your mobile.

    If you have a phone with flash player installed, then you can watch live cricket games through the following sites which provides live streaming of cricket matches:


    You can't watch live cricket match through the official website ( free since it is paid. You have to pay them Rs. 50 or Rs. 130 (based on the package) for watching live cricket match through official website.

    Hope it helps you.

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    Now almost every DTH provider has Star Sports 2 channel but you have to subscribe it. Also, this channel is not a cheap one. If you have Tata Sky, you have to pay Rs 40 per month for this channel only.

    As far as free cricket online is concerned then it is a good news for you that now almost every official broadcaster broadcasts the matches on digital media (Internet) also for free. You just have to go to their websites. But sometimes you have to pay for these matches but the fees is very low that can be afforded. For Example the ongoing Ashes series is being broadcasted on

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