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    Any side effect with sugar free if we use regularly?

    Is it good to use sugar free regularly instead of normal sugar. Does it create any type of side effect?
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    Dear Rekha,

    Sugar substitutes can be made from natural or synthetic products. These synthetic versions are called artificial sweeteners.Its best to avoid taking artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin etc .

    Aspartame is made from two amino acids; aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Saccharin is made from the reaction between sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, and two biochemical acids. There are some natural sweeteners made from sugar but to make them zero calories they are mixed with chlorine. It is then called Sucralose. This is better than the previous two. But try to avoid all artificial sweeteners.

    Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and these days some imported sweets and chocolates are also made from these products and for marketing reasons are advertised as Fat Free, Diet, or Zero Calories etc. They all will do more harm than good for your body.

    Sugar substitutes don't make you lose weight, in fact you will be surprised to know that it actually helps you to gain weight because of the way these chemical compounds break and get absorbed in your body to digest.

    They may have lesser or no calories which is very true but are best to be avoided due to the various illnesses related to its usage that researchers are proving recently .

    Aspartame has many and very bad side effects which could either develop suddenly or slowly and it can cause serious damage to the nerves of the eye, ear and other neurological damages also resulting in depression, insomnia, irritability etc.

    Although that there is no proof that it leads to cancer, researchers are relating that the use of aspartame may lead you into such life taking diseases.

    Its best to use natural sugar in a lesser quantity than trying the artificial sweeteners.


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    Hello Rekha
    Sugar free sweetener are mainly saccharin ( most commonly used in India especially for tea, coffee), Aspartame, acesulfame K or non glucose carbohydrates like fructose, isomalt etc.

    Out of these non glucose carbohydrate are not preferred as it contain some calories.

    Others like saccharin and Aspartame are safe enough, though there are rumors for association with bladder cancer with saccharin and brain tumor with aspartame, but there has been several and rigorous studies which denied the association of any of these side effects.

    FDA, Americal Cancer Society and National Cancer society together after being convinced by study reports have declared it absolutely safe and can be used as an alternative sweetener in diabetics and in obese or those who has been recommended for less calorie intake.

    Still a pregnant women should avoid this as saccharin crosses placenta and fetal bladder may be exposed for a longer time. Children should also not take sugar free as the calorie intake is essential for them for their development.

    Further details about sugar free and their safety profile can be looked at Sugar free sweeteners. Are they safe?

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    hi there
    there is no such big side effects of regularly using sugar free. But according to me if you are not suffering from diabetease then no need to take sugar free because it costs more then sugar. you can reduce your sugar usage and cut callory without using sugar free.

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