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    Suggest a name for my new online shopping website

    Are you searching for a unique name for your shopping website? Get feedback in this thread about a list of unique names for an online shopping site.

    I want to create a new online shopping website for which I wanted a unique name. My shop contains cloths, footwear and other accessories. The name should be unique like other sites (,, I want some cool and interesting names can anyone help me on this?
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    The name of the website should be catchy. But you have to act fast and get the suggested name patented immediately as the name I am going to suggest is based upon market research, astrology, attraction, highly commercial, which will hold good even if you expand your online activities. Hold your breath! If the name is expressly written here it will find so many grabbers.
    Anyhow you can name your site as in contrast to The name fairdeal fits irrespective of items to be put on online sale, geographical location, origin of the manufacturing company and fairdeal is an unique name.I am sure by the time you decide, it will be gone.

    Ashok Goyal

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    I will suggest you few name as follow and make sure that you register required one immediately or else someone can register the domain.

    Good luck

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    I suggest you can use any of the following domain names if they remain available. Any of these will best suite your business and will cover it even your business expands and you include more products.

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    My suggestion is, which means dress or attire in latin, however when checked in godaddy I found that it is already registered. So if you like this you need to go for a .in or some other prefixes..

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    You may simply put a Hindi word in your website's name as ''. Some good points about this name includes its Indian origin, hint to customers that the online shop is all about wears which may be Indian traditional wears as well as modern clothing for the fact that the use of pure Hindi words is becoming a craze among young generation. The name will attract the attention of adults as well as teenagers and college going students.

    Another plus point lies in its being a one word name and something that mostly all the Indians are familiar with. It may help the customers to memorize your website's name easily and quicker than other imaginary names.

    Good luck!

    Ank Arya

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    I would suggest you to decide the name yourself as you are the one who is creating that brand. Since you are thinking of starting an online store, also take into account domain availability i.e check and see if a particular domain name is available to register or not. Many good and catchy domain names are already taken.
    If you are willing to spend some money you can take opinion of a good PR or branding agency which can decide the name as well as do initial branding and marketing for your online store.


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    My suggested name is:-

    I think this name is catchy to attract buyers and at the same time inform them about online purchasing.

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    I want to create a new online shopping website for which I wanted a unique name. My shop contains groceries and kitchen items and other household things. The name should be unique like other sites (,amazon grocery .com) I want some cool and interesting names. I want to attract buyers and at the same time inform them about online purchasing. Can anyone help me on this?

    Yogesh Kumar

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