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    Which is the best website for calls on stock market investment?

    Do you wish to invest in the stock market? In this thread you will know which is the most reliable website for taking calls on the stock market.

    I am quite interested in investment in stock markets and often read many calls on various websites about investment in some particular stocks as they claim it will definitely gives some profit. I would like to ask the experts two things:

    1. Which is the best and reliable website regarding their calls on stocks?
    2. How reliable is the picking of the stocks by some websites?
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    Well there are more than thousands of websites available in India which deals with guiding in the stock market, giving various calls time to time by doing analysis as per their own method and skills. Some calls are based on technical chart, some are based on the fundamentals of the stocks, some are based on news speculation whereas some are based on long term prospective. Its very difficult to point out or identify the best sites among them. These sites use to charge for giving this kind of service. So you have to become a premium customer for getting those calls and all.

    However I would like to recommend the website of Mr S P Tulsian

    SP Tulsian is a very good reasearcher & analyst on fundamentals. He has the unique skills to do such research. He is a very smart professional in the stock market. You can think about Mr S P Tulsian.

    One more site is, you can also try this website for free with some limited features. But it is also a good site.

    With Best Regards,

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    Please tell me why my previous response deleted in this question.I want it's reason for correct my mistakes in future.

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