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    Anti virus for Pen drive


    I am using Pen Drive Hp ( Hp v125W )please guied me whether we get anti virus for this pen drive because i am facing lot of problem i have formate 2 time, but now i can't format my pen drive due to virus even i can delete that file please guide me how to remove virus are delete that files

    Dilip K S
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    There should be no problem if you have a PC free from virus with a reputed antivirus software.

    Once you connect the drive, use the antivirus to scan and clean it.

    TIP: When you connect the pen drive to another PC just for reading it, put on the read only switch if one is available on it.

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    A lot of anti virus available for pen drives like:-

    ClamWin Portable - Antivirus
    Avast - Virus Cleaner and Worm Removal Tool
    McAfee AVERT Stinger - Virus Removal and Cleaning Tool
    Portable Norton Security Scan
    Microsoft Malicious Software Remover

    If you want to download any of the above listed antivirus for pen drive then visit

    From this site you can download it absolutely free.

    Ajay Kumar

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    Hello Dilip,
    Just install NOD32 antivirus software in your hardrive, and feel relaxed after that. Its the best antivirus software till now. After that when you connect your pen drive to pc, just simply goto my computer and right click on drive, go for option scan for viruses and your done. Virus will be removed and then you can easily format your drive.

    Why you can't format your drive is because the virus is getting loaded in your system memory after you connect it to your pc. This shows that you don't have a good virus software installed or your software is not updated with latest definitions. First install a good software and after that update it regularly from net. Find Nod32 at rapidshare site. Search for a cracked version of it on net. You will easily find it.

    If you follow these simple steps, you will encounter no problem after that.

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    Hi Dilip Kalyan Sarkar,
    If the virus shows up as something like Autorun.inf (can also be AUTORUN.INF), then follow a very very simple step. Just create a folder in the root of your Pendrive with the name AUTORUN.INF and this virus will never infect your Pendrive again.

    To remove other viruses effectively and freely, download either Avast! Anti-virus or Avira AntiVir. Both of them are very reliable and industry quality tested and provide ideal protection for your PC. Both are free to download and use. Do remember that these Anti-viruses will update themselves quite frequently to provide you ideal protection. As soon as they detect a virus in the Pendrive, they will issue you a warning. Always scan the Pendrive by right-clicking on the Removable Drive icon and selecting the Scan option. That way the virus is not even initialised.

    Ankush Das

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    Hi Dilip,
    There is a all in one pendrive virus removal toll available at this site:
    (Its less than 350KB)

    Once you have this software you can safely remove most of the LAN viruses (viruses seen mostly in college LAN systems).

    Apart from that the best way to tackle pendrive viruses is to know one golden rule: "VIRUSES NEED TO BE ACTIVATED BY USERS".
    So unless you click on the virus file, it wont get installed.
    You need to know a few basic things here:
    1. Disable autorun on pendrives / CD rom drives.
    2. Autorun.inf file is of no use, so always delete it (whether it is malicious or not).
    3. Always set the view of the folder to : 'arrange icons by type' show items in groups. (these options are available by simple right clicking in the pendrive's currently open root window).
    This will show is the file is actually an application or file folder. Because some viruses will convert all the applications in the current drive to file folders. These file folders arent real folders but a virus. So delete it immediately without using any scanner.

    So I would say, to be safe, just be cautious about pendrive viruses. You are best deleting them manually rather than using any tools.

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    there are so many anti-virus softwares are available. All softwares are capable of cleaning viruses but still there are some famous and best anti-virus softwares,Avast, Avg, bit defender, quick heal,McAfee etc.
    So, use one of them and remove viruses from pen drive.But remember update virus databases once or twice on a week

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    Avast is one of the most popular free antivirus.Avast antivirus Home Edition is available free of charge for non-commercial home use

    Download the most popular Free and Full version of anti virus software here.

    Read more -

    Antivirus threatfire is a very good malware detector

    Threatfire antivirus
    Other antivirus are kaspersky ( paid), norton, etc.
    Don't download anything from a suspicious site.

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    If your antivirus detects viruses in your pen drive inspite of formatting it a number of times,you might follow these steps to remove the viruses.

    Scan the pen drive with the antivirus

    * Don't choose any of them , Just simply click Cancel.
    * *Now go to Start--> Run and type cmd to open the Command Prompt window .
    * *Now go to My Computer and Check the Drive letter of your USB drive or Pen Drive. ( E.g. If it is written Kingston (I:) , then I: will be the drive letter .)
    * *In the Command Window ( cmd ) , type the drive letter: and Hit Enter .
    * *Now type dir/w/o/a/p and Hit Enter
    * *You will get a list of files . In the list , search if anyone of the following do exist
    * 1. Autorun.inf
    * 2. New Folder.exe
    * 3. Bha.vbs
    * 4. Iexplore.vbs
    * 5. Info.exe
    * 6. New_Folder.exe
    * 7. Ravmon.exe
    * 8. RVHost.exe or any other files with .exe Extension .
    * If you find any one of the files above , Run the command attrib -h -r -s -a *.* and Hit Enter.
    * Now Delete each File using the following Command del filename ( E.g del autorun.inf ) .
    * That's it . Now just scan your USB drive with the anti virus you have to ensure that you made your Pen Drive free of Virus .


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    You can delete the viruses by scaning the pen drive by simple pc anti viruses .
    tips to remove anti viruses in pen drive-
    always arrange the folder of pen drive in typeand then group.
    always delete the .dll files from pen drive it is not useful.

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    Avira Antivir is an Antivirus which removes virus from both PC and Pendrive.

    When you insert pendrive it will quickly detect autorun virus. Then a dialogue box will appear. The name and path of the currently detected virus or unwanted program is displayed in the middle window of the message. You can select any of the options [Repair, Rename, Move to quarantine, Deny access, Delete, Ignore] and then click OK.

    I am using Avira Antivir for my PC and pendrive. It protects against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers.

    Avira Antivir Personal edition is free to download.Trials for premium editions are also available from the website.

    Click to download full version of Personal edition or trial version of Premium or Premium Security Suite edition

    Also some virus removing tools are available here


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    Its easy to delete virus if not run. So,first should confirm wit weather ur system files infect wit any trojans or not. If yes means first clean it wit any antivirus pgm or better format OS then u easily format ur pendrive without any error. Else try to format wit friends system.


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    Antivir – Portable Antivirus removal tool. This tool can be a great (post infection) asset if you are experiencing the damaging effects of a virus infection. In addition, the Antivir is great to have on hand in case you encounter a computer with outdated or even without Antivirus protection. The Free Portable Virus Removal Tool or Portable Virus Scanner can be used to eliminate a major set of distinct threats.

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    hey why dont u use usb will automaticaly deleted the virus before entering in the no need to scan

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    I feel the problem is with your PC, make sure that your PC is not infected with any virus and as Dinesh suggested you can try Portable Antivirus removal tool.

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    There is no need of seprate antivirus. You can use antivirus of your pc to scan your pen drive.

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