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Correction of fathers name in SSC marks list

Date: 05 Jul 2013   Group: Education    Category: India Educational Consultants    Posted By: [Anonymous]   

I completed my ssc in 2007 in my marks memo my fathers name wrongly printed as ramaro instead of venkata ramarao - how do I correct this one please explain complete procedure.

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Is your fathers name incorrectly spelled in your SSC results marks list? Find out here how to apply for correction of fathers name in the SSC results marks list.

Author: [Anonymous]    06 Jul 2013      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 3    Voting Score: 0

It's not a big deal to change the father's name or to modify such things. To correct or modify the father's name in the marks card, just write an application to the concern SSC board of your state for the necessary amendment. You will have to pay a nominal fee for that. Submit the application form, payment Challan, and existing marks card. Within a month, you will get the corrected mark sheet. For further clarification, you may ask your state board or council.
Author: Murrali    07 Jul 2013      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0

In addition to above answer, you can also contact your school Head Master for above problem, he will give right procedure and guidelines for correction of father name.


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