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    What are the reasons for unconsciousness

    Do you sometimes become unconscious? Get free advice in this thread on the causes and treatment for sudden unconsciousness.

    I want to know the various reasons for unconsciousness.

    I have completed my studies and doing job as a teacher in a private school. Sometimes, what happens is: when I am busy in doing some work or something, then suddenly I am becoming unconscious and even closing my eyes too. I changed to conscious state whenever someone saw after knowing that I was in unconscious state. What are the reasons for that and how to change myself and why I am going to this state often? After I awaken, then I feel very peaceful in my mind.
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    It happens due to stress. However whatever is the reason, you should get yourself checked by a doctor. It can happen due to hypotension and sometimes it happens due to hypoglycemia. But I am not a doctor so my advice is that you only consult a doctor and then take it forward.

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    The major cause of unconsciousness is reduction in the supply of oxygen to the brain.
    Our body will always try to induce sleep, which we call as unconsciousness, whenever it feels that it is unable to sustain our bodily activities. It is like going into power-saving mode. As soon as the oxygen supply returns to normal, you will gain consciousness.

    Now this reduction in oxygen supply could be due to low blood pressure in the body or due to low hemoglobin count in your body.

    Usually after meals some people may feel dizzy; this is because after meal blood circulation gets concentrated in our mid-region and thus blood supply to brain is reduced.

    I advice you to get your hemoglobin checked and whenever you start feeling unconscious, get your blood pressure checked. You may keep a small handy BP machine in your bag for this purpose and accordingly take measure.

    Hope your query is answered.


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    You appear to be suffering from epilepsy and seizures. You need to consult a neurologist who may order E.E.G. of the brain. Do not worry epilepsy or seizure is common among children and sometimes it goes by itself. But if your found to be suffering from seizure or epilepsy then avoid swimming, going near to fire and adventures sports or activities so that somebody can help you in case of need. It is not a fatal disease by itself but if one suffers seizure while swimming then he or she may get drowned or in case of fire if one gets seizure he or she may die of suffocation. While boarding a Bus ,if one gets seizure that he or she may fall and fall may prove to be fatal. Consult your neurologist immediately and follow his advice.
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    Hello Dakshujo, you can get a comprehensive answer by merging all the above 3 points by members. Explanations given by Jyoti is very apt and common.

    Summing up, low hemoglobin, low blood sugar, or abnormal firing of your neurons in the brain are the 3 main reasons that could cause you fainting.

    For this check Hb, FBS, PPBS, following that and EEG and then under a neuro consultation a CT/MRI.

    Adding to this I would like to state few. Orthostatic hypotension is the decreased perfusion due to drop in blood pressure due to postural changes from lying down to upright. Vasovagal syncope is another cause which is a neurological cause. Vagus is the nerve that causes your heart to slow down when it is stimulated resulting in sudden drop of blood pressure and hence syncope. Again there are numerous triggers for those.

    Start getting the investigations. Let us know what it is.

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