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    Google Chrome stopped working and how to make it work again?

    Did you PC hang when trying to open Google Chrome? Find out how to resolve the problem of Google Chrome not functioning and hanging.

    I have been using Google Chrome for a long time and it had worked fine. I love to use Google Chrome than any other browsers since its fast and has many good features but for the few days when I tried to open the Google chrome, a window appears and says "Google Chrome has stopped working" and hangs. How to solve this problem?
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    How to solve Google Chrome browser issue? In short, try to go to Control Panel at your system and click on 'Add/Remove' option, you will get Google Chrome file along with other many program files. You just click on Chrome file then remove it from your system first.

    Now, restart your system and go to Google site or any other reputed site to Download Google chrome once again, run it then it will work fine like before.

    Do not use the option of Uninstall or Install Google chrome from start bar option.

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