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    How to remove pimples in face

    hai iam 19 years old i had some pimple in my face so please help me to clean and to make my face beautiful...........thank u
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    Hello balaji,

    Pimples problem is encountered by the people of all aged who have oily skin. Hence, you have to follow the following:

    1. The first remedy is to wash your face at least 4 times a day with any good soap (without cream or glycerin), any good soap available in the market will do viz Hamam, Rexona, Neem, Dettol, Margo etc

    2. You may also use face washes in place of soaps

    3. In the evening, before going to bed you should thoroughly wash your face and apply calamine lotion of any brand available across counters

    3. Reduce oily food and eat plenty of salads and fresh fruits

    4. Stop taking soft drinks and fried chickens and junk / fast food

    5. Reduce intake of sugar, sweets, chocolates, ice-creams etc

    5. Do regular exercise in the morning or in the evening.

    - Harish Jharia


    Harish Jharia

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    Dear Balaji,

    The main causes of pimples are oily face, indigestion, tension, dandruff.

    Now don't worry at all. You can get rid-off pimples very easily provided you should follow some of the tips.

    Drink as much water as you can every day. you must drink at least 3 litres of water every day. Drink at least 500ml water in the morning.

    Try to drink lemon water in the morning before anything.

    Just avoid oily food. Also try to avoid chocolates, ice-creams as well.

    Wash your face with a good soap or face-wash at least four times a day.

    If you have dandruff in your hairs then you must be careful as dandruff is also a main cause of pimples. So, go for a good dandruff control shampoo.

    Tension also causes pimples. This is a rarely known fact but yes its true. Hope you know well how to stay away from tension.

    Eat as much juicy fruits and salads as you can.

    thats all and you can get rid-off pimples.

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    Hello Balaji,

    This is a common problem which everyone faces especially in the young age. But still this problem can be solved if you follow some simple steps.

    1. Clean your face often with plain water.
    2. Drink plenty of water.
    3. Exercise daily.
    4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
    5. Avoid eating oily food and fast foods.
    6. Apply aloe Vera paste on your face and you try to drink the boiled water of aloe Vera.
    7. Don't use soaps often. Try to use soap free face wash.
    8. Be peaceful and far from tensions.
    9. Use clean towel, pillow covers, bedsheets and clothes.
    10. Clean your face with scrub or turmeric powder because it acts as an antibiotic.

    Hope these tips will help.


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    A pimple is the problem of adults and his face not shiny. Pimples are normal skin allergic condition that affects so many people and it has related to boys and girls faces.
    Skin are inflamed an oil glands to become a bacteria infected. Pimples are show in face, neck, hands and shoulders. There are lot of lotions and cream medicines on the market but they can take several times, if you are using natural ayurvedic methods to treat pimples.
    Pimples are skin eruption to the youth to cure in ayurvedic products in homemade and use it.

    Some Required things

    1. Curry leaves
    2. Poppy seeds (Papaver Somniferum)
    3. Curcuma aromatic (kasthuri turmeric)
    4. Lemon

    How to do it

    1. First, you can take a handful of curry leaves and grind it well.
    2. Add a little bit of curcuma aromatic (Kasthuri turmeric) powder.
    3. Then, add a tablespoon of poppy seeds.
    4. Grind these three ingredients well and if necessary little bit of water could be added.
    5. It also includes three drops of lemon cut a piece.\
    6. This four ingredients well mixed and apply on top of pimples and face mask.

    Nutrients Works

    1. Lemon juice to blast the pimples and sores of the face skin.
    2. The sores of skin to cure the powder of curcuma aromatic (Kasthuri turmeric) it will cool the face skin and disease the skin to unwashed.
    3. Now that place in the bottom to grow the skin and cure the poppy seeds.
    4. Poppy seeds are strength the immune of the body.
    5. Curry leaves to cure the black marks of the face and shining the face to white.

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    You need to do some extra care for pimples. Cleaning at regular intervals is important. You should protect your face from chemicals and don't pop up pimples. Following are some tips to get rid of pimples:
    1. Drink lots and lots of water.
    2. Cut down junk food.
    3. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables.
    4. Exercise daily
    5. Go for gel-based products.
    6. Scrub your face once or twice a week.
    7. Apply rosewater or aloe vera gel overnight.
    8. Rub ice on your face.
    9. clean your face twice a day.
    10. Don't get discouraged if the pimples do not disappear overnight. With every treatment, you will definitely notice an improvement in your skin condition.
    Following are some of the home remedies to get rid of pimples naturally:
    1. Apply a Cinnamon and Honey Mask.
    2. Whip Egg Whites.
    3. Apply Orange Peels and Juice
    4. yoghurt, turmeric and gram flour
    5. Use Neem
    6. Blend Strawberries and Honey
    7. Papaya Helps You
    8. Use Basil
    9. Dilute Tea Tree Oil
    10.Put Tomatoes on Your Face
    11. Place Dried Hibiscus on Your Face
    12. Use Green Tea
    13. Put Aloe Vera Gel On Your Face
    14. Dab Your Face With Lemon Juice
    15. Apply Baking Soda

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