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How does a peacock feather stop lizards from entering the home?

Date: 11 Aug 2013   Group: Opinion About    Category: Miscellaneous   

Yesterday I was reading a magazine related to home. A small tip on one of the pages caught my eye, where it was mentioned that we should put a peacock feather on the wall to prevent lizards from entering the house. Is this correct? What exactly is in a peacock feather which would repel lizards?

I had once asked the pest control service staff which does a quarterly service in my home about lizard control service. They said they do not have any such treatment service. So in what other ways can we stop a lizard from entering the house?

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Wondering how peacock feathers repel lizards? Searching for other ways to stop lizards from entering your home? Ask our experts in ISC to let you know better lizard control service.

Author: praveen    12 Aug 2013      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Well peacock mainly feed on lizards which is why lizards are scared of peacock. When you keep a peacock feather in and around your house. The smell from the peacock feather is enough to scare away the lizards but this isn't a permanent remedy because the lizards will starting entering the house once when they come to know that there's no peacock in the house. You can try other ways to prevent lizards entering your house. Always keep your house clean and make sure that there's on left over food on the dining table, lizards feeds on small bugs and mosquito in your premises so use mosquito spray to kill them. So when there's no mosquito or bugs to feed on automatically lizards will get out of your house in search of bugs in other places, another way to prevent lizards is by using electric repellent. When you switch on the electric repellent it'll start to emit a high frequency sound which cannot be heard by human ears. Lizards will really by annoyed by this sound and will get out of your house immediately.
Author: Ank Arya    20 Aug 2013      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0

I wonder if that actually works for today's lizards. I have a flower pot full of pea-cock feathers on the shelf of my room but a lizard is always there in my room to have hourly visits.

Hope the pea-cock feathers work for you.


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