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    What is Sendha Namak

    Can anybody tell what is Sendha Namak, and how it is different from the Normal iodized salt. What are its contents and how it is made. What is the logic behind using this Salt on the day of Fasting in Hindu Religion
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    Sendha Namak is nothing but rock salt. It has a lower content iodine
    sodium when compared to the ordinary table salt. Sendha namak is also not iodinated.
    Rock salt is mot derived from marine sources like the normal salt
    which is got from the sea. Rock salt is mined.The chemical formula is NaCl and the mineral is also called as halite.

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    Sendha namak is basically a type of salt which we get from the mountains instead of sea. The basic formula is same in both the salts (NaCl) but there is very much difference in the properties of both. As ordinary salt can cause high blood pressure but the rock salt does not have any effect on BP. It is also less salty than the table salt but also expensive than the normal one.

    Now we use it in fasting because we get it from rocks and it is very pure in every means as it does not contains so many other chemicals and impurities whereas we get table salt from the sea which also contains lot of marine creatures at the time of extraction so it is basically not used in fast as during fast we have to eat only veg food.

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    Saindha namak is also called rock salt or Pakistani namak. As clear from it ots name, it is prepared from a rock.
    The logic behind using this salt during fast is that it is pure as it does not pass from any artificial process. It is not iodized so we should not use it in our regular daily meals


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