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    What is PQWL and GNWL in waiting list of railway tickets?

    Confused with the Wait list codes of Indian Railway Reservation Tickets? Want to know which type of wait list gets cleared faster? Ask our experts in ISC for proper details.

    Recently purchased a rail ticket for travelling that is showing a waiting list of PQWL. Previously I was habituated of getting a waiting list ticket with GNWL. I am a bit confuse about this PQWL in wait list ticket. Its moving very slowly compare to the general movement of GNWL. I would like to ask the experts the following about waiting list ticket of railways-

    1. What is PQWL number and GNWL number in wait-list tickets of railway?
    2. Which one has better chances of confirmation PQWL wait list or GNWL wait list?
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    PQWL is Pooled Quota Waiting List and GNWL is General quota Waiting List.

    PQWL is like 'on the way' and point station, GNWL is 'train departure' station to destination station.

    PQWL, it is just subject to a particular source of departure and destination. For example, a train is from Mumbai to Bangalore via Solapur junction. If you would like to reserve ticket from Solapur to Bangalore or prior destination for the same (Mumbai to Bangalore) train then you will get ticket as PQWL of Solapur booking in case if there is no seat/berth available. This is little tough to get confirmation since few seats/berth available as Solapur/station quota and less chances and less percentage to get cancellation the ticket from Solapur passengers and your ticket remain same status or very less forward.

    Instead you can reserve ticket from Mumbai to Bangalore (only little extra rupees) as General quota but Boarding can be from Solapur (it should be mentioned in ticket reservation form and printed ticket by officials), it will help to get confirmation of seats/berth or chances for getting seats/berth as in case it is GNWL (General Waiting List) as mass booking and high chances of large cancellation from Mumbai to Bangalore to get benefit by GNWL.

    So, GNWL has better chances of getting confirmation of the railway ticket than PQWL.

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    These both have related to the ticket booking station from the destination.
    PQWL means Pooled quota LIST means.which wait list ticket booked from originating station.and nearby other station called GNWL.

    hope you will understand.

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