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    How to remove shortcut virus on my laptop?

    Is your laptop been attacked by virus? Are you looking for antivirus for your Sony Vaio E series laptop? Follow the responses here to find out various antivirus software for your computer.

    I am getting shortcuts in any pendrive I insert into my laptop even if the pendrive has no shortcut virus. I quck scanned my system using avast! antivirus but it could not detect any virus. What shall I do to remove the virus?
    My laptop is sony vaio E series and runs on windows 7 home basic
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    There are some virus which create shortcut of file and folder. This is usually happen when we insert any external device e.g. Pen Drive, Memory Card etc. When we insert any external device virus from computer starts and creates a shortcut of files and folder and hides our existing files and folder.

    You can do full system scan for virus search. If virus found then delete it. It may take more time.

    If by using above method you are not able to identify virus and your problem not solved. You can schedule boot time scan in avast antivirus software. After scheduling boot time scan you have to restart your computer.

    When computer restarts then one black window will appear and virus scan starts. When virus will be detected then it will asks your opinion that you want to delete/skip/move to virus chest. Here your mouse will not work you have to enter appropriate answer from keyboard e.g. 1 for delete 2 for skip.

    This process scan each and every file properly there it takes longer time for scanning. But by using this method you will be definitely able to identify virus and it can be deleted.

    Safety precaution:
    Always try to keep updating your definition at regular interval so when any new virus comes into market it will be easily identified. Whenever you insert any external device first scan it properly and then use.

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    If your virus is not getting detected,then it may be possible that your antivirus database may not be updated or you are using free version of avast. Free version are not capable to detect the dangerous threat and do not clean them from root. So at first update your antivirus database.

    Even if this problem is not fixed then it will be better if you format your pen drive. It will clean your pen drive from root. The main reason of getting virus into your system or other system devices is outdated antivirus. So you can also download new version of antivirus or to purchase new edition antivirus which is available in the market.

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    I understood your problem. Your system creating shortcuts whenever you insert memory card or pendrive or any other external data transfer device. Your system attacked by virus that's why you are facing this problem. To resolve this first scan your pen drive with antivirus you have. If it is not working means you have to update your antivirus software from internet or you have to buy it. Avast is a good anti virus software. But below link will give you the best anti-virus soft-wares information in which I have answered. Try it definitely it will work.

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    I have read all others answers and came to the conclusion that they are answering the similar answer. But my answer might be more meaningful to you.

    Let me tell you, If you are facing with the kind of virus which creates the shortcut of your flash drive inside it say for example you inserted an pendrive of Kingston 8gb, so when you double click on the flash drive and you will find that there is a shortcut named Kingston 8gb, and all your data presented in that shortcut, if this is the problem then you are in a great danger. This virus slowly corrupt you HDD and make your system super slow and you will loose your hard disk.

    To solve this problem follow these below steps :
    Step 1: Open task manager.
    Step 2: Goto processes
    Step 3: You will find a process running named "wuaudt.exe"
    Step 4: Right click on it and hit end process.

    You are done.

    Note : I would rather suggest you to format your windows to be on the safe side and be in the virus free zone. And from next time, whenever you are going to insert any flash drive, make sure that its virus free.

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    You are using the free anti-viruse version which say Everything is fine but will never detect file viruses. Upgrade it to Avast professional for just 600 RS/year. If you can't effort then Scan your system online with Quick heal.

    The solution is simple. Run Boot Scan. It might take upto one hour to complete. Be patient your viruses will be automatically fix by free version of avast if you run boot scan. You have never run the boot scan and thats the issue.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Dear Member,

    The shortcut virus is a common problem for PC users. This happens when your removable disks are inserted in other PCs which already have this virus.

    Shortcut Virus: When you plug any removable device into your PC some shortcuts or hidden folders are automatically created.
    As an initial step, Just try to scan your Removable Disk with your antivirus software.
    If it can't find or remove then just Format (Complete Format Not Quick format ) your memory card.

    The Best Option:
    Open your Removable device and check whether there is Autorun.inf then delete it. if not then Download "AutorunExterminator" and open it. then the Autorun will be automatically deleted.

    After that, Click Start> Run> and type cmd > and type this command "attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*" {without quotes} and press Enter.
    Note: g:\ is the name of the drive it may vary in your PC . Check it in My computer.
    Now Scan your Removable drive with your Antivirus Software and reply whether it works or Not.

    Thank you.

    Thanks & Regards,
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