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    Dear sir,

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    Dear Friends,

    Legally the right age to marry for girls is 18 years and for boys is 21 years.I assume by this age, they would know the meaning of sacrifice to a point much better than earlier on which is extremely important for maintaining a successful marriage path. It is also recommended that potential candidates should write down a list of demands and share the list with future wife/housebound which leads them to have a better chance of knowing each other.

    Pravesh Surana

    Pravesh Surana

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    Dear guys,

    The best age to get married legally is 18 for girls and 21 for guys. It might be physically true but not mentally. Only by 23 years in girls and 28 years in guys they would have met many personalities and would have learnt the art of giving concern to others, showing hospitality and caring for people around them, which are all the most important qualities that one should develop before marriage

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    Well,According to me,right age of marriage of girl is 22 and for a boy 27.however,ultimately it depends on each person's family situation.In some families,the boy may be the bread winner of the house,so he has to look after his responsibility and then enter into marriage life.Similiarly,in some family,the girl's family may not be well-bulit to get the daughter married in the correct age,so in that case it might take a bit late.

    Actually speaking,the age is considered mainly to enable understanding between the couple.If the hearts are matched with no ego and dominancy,then age is just the literal factor.

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    In today's time many Girls & boys wish to get married after achieving their desired Goals & objective in professional life.They want & wish to settle down in career & life before getting into commitment or bond of Marriage.
    All d people who believe N think its important to settle down & be independent before entering into d world of Commitment of Marriage

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    The ideal age for getting married are as follows:

    Girls - 21+
    Boys - 24+

    Its been told that 18 yrs is enough to get married as they become MaJORs, but its not good for them in the current lifestyle. This 18 yrs to attain the MAJOR stat is ment entirely for various other purposes like Voting, Driving License, Passport etc., because after this age only guys/gals have to reach various opportunities which requires certain legal status.

    But this MAJOR stat has been mis-used often with Marriage. Ideally if someone gets married before 21 yrs, their life would be all over before it even would start. I mean the enjoyment life which everyone requires to run throughout their lives.

    We can enjoy at all ages, but the younger age enjoyment is entirely different to the other age categories.

    Also, scientifically guys and gals gets to attain the marriage resposibilities only after 21 yrs, thats when they learn to manage things, organize and responsible. Before that age its all fun and enjoyment, and more often its take-it-easy or take it as it goes life, which is not good for marriage.



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    Physicians and psychologists prescribe that age when the body and mind are adequately matured as marriageable age. But it is not as simple as it sounds here. If you are an American or an European you have to consider only issues concerning you and your would be partner. More over a married person here normally respects the freedom of his/her partner and personal liberty is essence of life. Life moves on the philosophy "one lives for one's self". No big sanctity is attached to marriage and one can come out of it if he feels that it is a burden for his personal growth and liberty. Thus age is not a big issue that is why it is common to find the bride being older than the groom. It is all about legal sanction for man-woman relationship.

    But in India marriage is seen as an important mile stone in a person's life. It is because life revolves around family here. Marriage results in bringing a stranger in to the family. The girl will have to make a lot of compromises to suit herself to the new environment i.e.the boy's family. Older the girl, stronger her individuality. She tends to have strong opinion about almost everything. This, coupled with strong educational background of the girl could be attributed to the root cause of many problems that new marriages face. No,this is not an argument against education and individuality of women but it is matter-of-factly speaking. Though the solution lies in nucleus family, we are concerned about persons who have faith in the family values. So a possible choice to such persons would be to get married to young girls who could be easily made to understand what the family expects from her. She will enthusiastically understand and learn about the new set up and she may not have to give up much from her side. Or giving up will not be much of a pain.

    In the case of a man, it all depends on the individual. If he is conservative and has faith in strong lasting marriage with family values he would do well to get married early in life with an young girl. Getting married at an early age will help them to understand each other and will create very strong bondage between the life partners.


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    Right Age For Marriage

    Guys (as you put it) - 50
    Girls(again as you put it) - 55

    Here are my reasons.

    1. Both will be financially secure (or insecure)
    2. Expectations will be low as they would have studied human nature at close range and have experienced it all
    3. No children to mess up the Guys TV time or the Girls Kitty time
    4. Can spend more time together as they would likely be out of work, friends, relatives
    5. No active sex or extra marital life to mess up the marriage
    6. The guy would hopefully have learnt cooking by 50 years
    7. Companionship and talking about failed relationship will be great.
    8. Both can travel w/o the necessary diapers, bottle, stroller in tow.
    9. Both would have already fulfilled their ambitions so no blame game as to you didnt let me do this do that.
    10. I can think of a hundred more reasons on why a late marriage with a Capital L will work :-)

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    As per the government rules, girls can marry at the age of 18 and boys when they are 21 years old.

    But when the question arises that what's the right age of marriage then I would say it varies from an individual to another as the thoughts vary from one person to another. For some the right age is what their parents decide, for some the right age is what the society decide, for others who are independent and can take their won decisions, right age is when their wishes get fulfilled. For some the right age is when they find a suitable partner for themselves and the thought arises in their mind that yes they cannot think their lives apart from that particular person.

    However, what I feel is right age of marriage is when one starts experiencing the need for marriage, when one starts craving for marriage. It should not be done influentially. One must not get influenced by family, friends or society. If all your friends got married doesn't mean that you too are ready for marriage. One must marry only if they are ready for the experience. One should get ready only after the maturity arises and this maturity doesn't have any particular age to arise. In some this maturity can arise early enough, in their teen years itself, while in others it may arise lately in their 40's.

    Whatever may be the case marriage should not be done blindly. Understand the importance of marriage and then go for it. It is a pure and sacred thing. It's a life time bond. Don't rush yourself and bump into someone with whom you would regret to spend the rest of your life.

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    Dear friend

    The according to indian law the right age to get married is
    21 for guy
    18 for girl

    but actually the right age becomes different for some people. because all guys and girls are not having knowledge how to handle his/her family. It depends on how they grown in family. some one will be strong to handle all people but some may fail to be as part part of good member in family

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    According to law the right age to marry for girls/boys is as below

    GIRLS-18 years
    BOYS- 21 years

    But time has changed now and we are living in 21st century where we cannot think to settle at 18 and having kids at 20 as career is also an important factor.So ideally we should get married by:


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    Hi Friend,
    There is no right age and wrong age to get married but we keep restrictions this is because we have to get settle in life.According to the indian constitution and rules we can marry after the girl gets 18 years and a boy can marry after 21 years.But the maturity levels will be very less for the girl at 18 years and the boy at 21 years.For a marriage there understanding levels should be very high.They should be ready to face any kind of situation ,problems.So it is better to go for a marriage after setteling in the life.For a girl you can consider 21 years and for a boy you can consider 26 years of age.
    Hope the information is helpful for you

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    In our constitution, it is clearly written that marries age for boy and girls are:
    Boys-21 years
    Girls-18 years

    So this is data but must be followed, because after that age we are physically strong for marries and legally accepted. But are we mentally prepare also. I don't think so.
    Actually marriage is just not to stay together, it is a big responsibility. In our Indian society it is also said that boy should be well settle before marry so that he survive their family in society. But still we are seeing lots of cases in daily newspapers like Divorce, dowry and family dispute over small things .We lack our moral values and faith with each other.
    So I can say until a person both mentally and physically strong to bear the responsibility, he or she shouldn't marry.

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