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    Spoiled milk - does it have any use

    please suggest if there are any recipes to make use of spoilt milk. Or if there are any other uses for spoilt milk.
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    Sometimes fresh milk gets spoiled due to various reasons, if the milk is fresh and does not smell like curd then you can prepare good sweet dish out of it which i do usually when the milk is fresh and gets spoiled.
    Drain the water from the milk, as soon as milk gets spoiled, milk and water will be separated and its very easy to drain water out of the container.
    After that keep stirring the remaining milk content after keeping it on low flame. Just after 10-15 minutes it becomes thick and you will get good aroma of milk, at that time add little 2-3 spoons of Sugar and again continue to Strir it for sometime till it becomes little dried. In the end add Elaichi powder and your Milk Peda is ready. It tastes good than Nandini Milk Peda.

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    You can also make use of the spoiled milk in another way. You can prepare home made Paneer out of it. Drain the water by pouring it through a clean muslin cloth. Let the solids be in the cloth. Squeeze them to remove the excess water. Hang it so that even if there are any more water is left, it will drain off. This water is called as whey water and can be used to make chappatis or to make gravies as this is very rich in protein.

    After 3 or 4 hours when all the water is drained, it can be used in any dish as the Paneer is ready. Store this in freezer for a day or two and not more than that.


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    The Freshly Spoiled Milk can be made to use. Here is the Link which shows the Usage of Spoled milk for a recipe.

    Check out.

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    Fresh spoiled milk can be used while preparing cake. You can also make butter milk, can make a drink by mixing it with lime juice and ice. You can make paneer and cheese out of it. While cooking, in some recepies, if you require to add curd or milk you can add this instead.

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    Spoiled milk can be used for preparing things like Paneer, curd etc., To make paneer Pour the spoiled milk in a white cloth. Tie the mouth of the cloth and hang it over. Water if any in the milk will get drained. Leave the hanging for two hours. After two hours, remove it from the hanging and place it on a plate. press the water drained milk using a tumbler and open the cloth. Make pieces and fresh Paneer pieces are now in your hands to make gravy for chappati, rice etc.,

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    If milk is spoiled you add few spoons of curd and remain at two to three hours so it can be used as a curd.and also There are several "Southern" recipes for biscuits, pancake, and bread pudding that use spoiled milk as an ingredient. It is also a key ingredient used in making a soft cheese made traditionally in India known as "paneer". If you have to make cheese from spoiled milk first Pass the spoiled milk through cheesecloth or a handkerchief to separate the curds from the whey.Press the cheese using the cloth to get most of the moisture out.Open the cloth and add a pinch of salt if desired.Mix the cheese and salt and then press again to remove any extra moisture.Put the cheese in a mold or just leave it in a ball type form.Refrigerate for a while before eating.

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    MILK,is very essential,good and healthy for our body...
    no doubt it can make our body work properly in hard working situations,n to increase our stamina....
    but if milk is spoilt,then what?..
    As it is very efficient when in good condition,as it is efficiable when it is spoilt.....
    When it is spoilt,it can be used to make paneer...
    paneer is also very efficient in making food and in vegetables..and adds test to the food............
    just not this...spoilt milk is also used for making SWEET..
    In rajasthan we say it as RAAJBHOG(yellow rosgullas),i dont know what is said in outer states.....but freinds who dont understand RAAJBHOG, can just understand this that it is very lovely sweet,and often made in parties here............
    And for making this RAAJBHOG,milk is purposely made to spoil....
    so these are the benefits or can say use of spoilt milk.....................but freinds...

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    Why not? You can make sweet recipe rasgulla in a easy way.

    Boil the milk for five to ten minutes. The thick precipitate( curd) and water which are separate. Take a pure white cloth and filter the curd and remove the water.

    Make a dough with this paneer. Make a round balls and steam it by cooker for 5 minutes.

    Make a liquid sugar syrup and dip the steamed round balls. Now the fresh rasgulla is ready. Even you can fill it with milk kova inside the rasgulla for different taste. It is so delicious.

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    If it has just started to turn ,and not fully curdled and split, then you can some more good curd or thick buttermilk and allow it for a couple of hours.Then it can be used as curd . However you can avid giving small children as it can affect their digestion sometimes.
    In case it has split totally and the solid and liquid are clearly separated, then the common use is: to drain the water to the maximum extent, keep on low flame stirring constantly and adding sugar and add a little aromatic food essence also. If properly made water free i can be kept foe one or two days, keeping in fridge and warming the required quantity. This sweet can be given to children also.

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