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    Black marks in face

    Hello doctor!
    I have black dots and marks on my face. Also some dark skin under the nose. How to rectify this??
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    Black marks in the skin is because of lack of skin care. In deeper layer of the Skin are the cells which produce melanin, a pigment which gives the skin ite colour. This pigment protects the skin from the direct rays of sun. Exposure to sun increases th eproduction of melanin which gives way to darker skin. To fight for the pigmentation you can go the home made complexion lotion.

    Lime flower 25g
    water 250ml
    sodium benzoate 1/4tsp

    Put the lime flower in hot water for an hour. Strain and let the mixture cool.Add sodium benzoate to it. This is a very good complexion lotion and for the better results add equal part of rose water to it. Keep it under refrigeration.

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    Dear Singaramani Thangavel,

    You can use scrub to your face. Apply a little oil before going to bath and then use a paste made of Kasturi Turmeric powder, Rice or Green gram flour with a little milk.

    Apply on the face, leave for a few minutes till it dries up and then scrub with it in circular motions with your finger tips. Wash it with ordinary water. Then take your bath as usual.

    Just do this two times a week. You will see difference to your facial skin. If you do not want to use Kasturi turmeric powder get a scrub over the counter and then use it.

    If they are blackheads you can visit a beauty parlour and get facial done by the beautician. Your face will clear.

    With all this you have to drink lots of water, at least 8 -10 glasses now that the summer is fast approaching. The water should be enough to clear out all the toxins from your body.

    The point is that you should not feel thirst and then drink, your lips should not feel dried up. If that happens then your drinking water content is just not enough.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    Hi Singaramani Thangavel,

    1)You can use olive oil,that will fade your black marks in 3-4 weeks.

    2)Add 2-3 lemon juice to a tablespoon of milk,apply it all over your face for 10 minutes before bathing.

    3)Cucumber juice can be applied to lighten black marks.

    4)Lemon juice and honey can mixed and applied all over face.Lemon acts as bleaching agent and honey is an antibacterial agent.

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    Dear singaramani
    Use any moisture based lotion in the night and after bath.Apply Cabbage paste on your face once or twice a week.Use olive or mustard,or coconut oil before one hour for your bath.This will reduce your blackspots.
    Our intaking food also important
    Use plenty of water
    Drink fresh fruit juice
    Drink fresh vegetable juice
    Eat one or two nuts daily
    This will reduce the blackspots and increase the glow of skin

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    Soak a almond in milk and graind it to make a paste. Apply this paste in the face and leave it over the night. Wash it with cold water. This ll help to remove black spot. Drink more water.
    Member of ISC

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    Apply curd in face to overcome back dots and then wash with cold water

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    Black marks on the face are dead cells they form either due to improper face care or by the gone pimples. The best remedy to get rid of them is to apply curd mixed with few drops of lemon juice everynight till they disappear or you may also use aloe vera or glycerine gel on the infected area.

    All the Best.

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    Dear Singaramani Thangavel,

    First for all dark spots on the face will be due to acne marks or other similar injury scars which will will darken over a period of time. The dark skin under your nose will also be a result of pigmentation problem. You need to follow the below strictly:
    1) Always apply a sunscreen whether inside or outside. UV rays from the computer also cause pigmentation. So apply sunscreen regularly at all times.
    2) Apply a 4% Hydrquinone cream on the marks and darkened areas. Some Hydroquinone creams come with Sunscreen, but may be expensive.
    3)If you are still getting acne and they are turning into black marks, you should apply Azelaic Acid cream which treats both Acne and Pigmentation.
    4) If you are very desperate and want the scars to fade sooner you can opt for more expensive treatments such as Glycolic Peels or other Chemical peels under a Dermatologist.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Narendar.

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    But if you have straight and fine hair, the use of a conditioning shampoo and ... And they can last up to one year. With the Thermage treatment, you'll be .... Freckles are small flat brown spots on the face and other sun-exposed areas. ... Dermatologists call these solar lentigo. They are caused by cumulative sun ...

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    hi ,presence of black marks in your skin is because of many reasons. sunny days a pimp will form in your face /body.if you pick it then it creates a mark.
    2. when you pick the pimples it create a wound and make a mark.
    # use no marks /other mark fading cream.
    # drink lot of water
    # use herbal products

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    Pimples could be outta allergy to certain foodstuffs..some mayb allergic to fried items n some eggs,chocolates,potatoes etc..or in some it could be just the hormonal imbalance..thats more likely to occur in the teens and is seen ceasing in most of them after that..

    i suggest to go for some home remedies rather than relayin on the drug store products which may not give the desired results or even make the situaion worse......wot u should do is make your skin healthy..dats the best way to avoid pimples..this could be done by maintainin a healthy diet as well as takin good care of your skin....u can choose from these n do concentrate on your T zones when you apply them ---

    1) take 2-3 teaspoons of rice powder and mix it in orange juice (sufficient amt so dat u get a smooth paste).apply it all over your face and neck n let it dry.wash it off with orange juice makes your skin glow,acts against pimples,removes black n white heads if any as rice powder s a good scrub..[i found this one too good...does miracles in days!!]

    2)apply honey on your face and neck and wash it off after 20 min.

    3)apply sugar syrup (sugar in water) if your skin is oily or else go for sugar in milk and wash it off after 20 min

    4) rose water n oatmeal is very effective in removin blackheads n preventin future breakouts and closin the pores.apply oatmeal powder with rose water mixed into a paste n wash it off after 20-30 min using cold water.the cold water closes the newly cleaned pores, protecting against blackheads or breakouts in future

    5)rubbin your skin with tomato juice n washing it off after 20 min s very good..keeps skin smooth and healthy

    6)rubbing ice cubes for 5 min after washing face with cold water or luke warm water before any make up or outing helps maintaing the oil in control givin no way to breakouts(oily skin)

    7)you can apply small banana-yellow coloured as a nice face pack

    8)lemon(juice) and tomato(juice) mixture can be,2-3 coats and wash it off after bout 30 min

    9)applyin milk n sugar mixture and leaving it for 20-30 min is also good if your skinis oily or milk alone if your skin is normal or of dry type..

    10)boil 2 pinches of saffron in milk n add turmeric if you r not allergic to turmeric or jus saffron and apply it n wash it off after 30 min

    11)apply sandal wood powder in water and wash it off on feel fresh and cool

    12)carrots,cucumbers,papayas--... them into paste by either squeezing them or by addin milk can be used as face packs

    13)applyin red sandal wood powder mixed in either honey or milk or is a good facial.

    14)tomato juice n honey mixed can be used as a good facial

    15) soak fresh bread crumbs dat has just been baked in milk for bout 10min n use them to rub on your skin to get a brighter complexion n also make your skin glow

    16) soak chappatti in milk or water overnight n apply it on face to get a brighter complexion..

    17) rubbing your cheeks with beetroot can give them a natural
    blush..the enzymes in beetroot seeps into the skin and cleans it..

    18) placing tea bags on blemishes reduces its redness and continuous application s really effective..

    19) take 1 cup fresh pineapple,Half-a-cup fresh papaya,1 tablespoon honey.Puree fruit together. Add honey and mix into a smooth paste.
    Pineapple and papaya contain natural enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids that remove dead skin cells. Leave mask on 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse completely.

    20) if yo skin is very oily,go for egg white mask.
    take 2 large eggs,2 drops of leamon juice(optional)
    seperte the dgg whites n add 2 drops lemon juice into it.whip the
    egg white until frothy.after thoroughly cleansin yo face,gently apply
    whipped egg to face.leave on until mask dries.rinse with warm water.
    this will tighten your skin n soaks excess oil from your skin

    21) i ld suggest d use of st.ives apricot face scrub that siuts your skin for your face..Apricot kernels are rich in vitamin A, which is vital for healthy skin. Additionally it is perfect for rough spots, elbows, backs, heels and thicker skins. Note: Nutshells and fruit kernels can have jagged edges so they are not ideal for sensitive skin.don wash it wid soap or face scrubs more than twice a day as dis would again lead to excess oil production.also dun wash your face usin bath soaps or handwashes as they leave your skin too dry..dun rub yo face hard usin towel,instead use tissues..

    22) apply calamine at night n wash it off in d morning

    23) appying paste of mint leaves in water on your acne is good too

    24) if yo usin any gel for pimple tratment,use d one which contains clindamycin & nicotinamide


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    Dear friend,
    Mix mashed banana with 2 teaspoons of mint leaves paste and apply on your face allow it to dry then wash with cold water.
    Take 1 table spoon of lemon juice,1 teaspoon of honey then apply on your face allow it to dry then wash with cold water.
    Rub potato slice on your face for 10-15 minutes then wash with cold water.

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    Hi Friend,

    Solution to Black marks in Face:

    Black marks is one of the biggest problem to the teenage youth .

    1.Eat fruits & Vegetables to cure the black marks

    2.Lemon juice is one of the natural remedy for it.Apply lemon juice daily on the Black marks

    3.Aloe vera helps us a lot in the treatment of the black heads

    4.Try to keep facial which is of natural using the fresh fruits and vegetables can use the multani matti and apply a face pack

    try all these thing


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    There are some medicated creams available in market for black marks. But its recommended that to get skin specialist opinion which one is best. Some examples are skinlite, cosmelite, melabest etc, this creams slowly removes black spots. It recommended that to use only at night, because this creams get reacted to sunlight. Other creams are scarend, scarend silicon gel from mankind company. You can use some ayurvedic products from patanjali. Hope this may help you.
    With Best Regards,

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    Try potato and tomato extract, they are natural cleanser. Extract the juice of potato or tomato and apply on affected area. Wash after 15-20 minutes. It helps in skin lightening and removing dark skin patches if used regularly. Give it a try.

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