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Suggestions for most relaxing music for studies

Date: 10 Dec 2015   Posted By: Seema Shah     Group: Opinion About    Category: Miscellaneous   

I always want some music in the background while studying. Correct me if I am wrong: it helps me to improve my concentration. If some music is playing in the background, I can continue to sit and study for longer hours. I am looking out for some music which helps me to concentrate.
Can you suggest some relaxing music which helps me to concentrate in studies?

Need to relax with music while studying? Get useful suggestions on the type of music that would help you to relax while studying.

Author: Partha Kansabanik    10 Dec 2015      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

During my student days, I used to listen to very slow ghazhals mainly by Jagjit Singh and Pankaj Udhas (and occasionally by Peenaz Masani) or slow Rabindrasangeet while doing Maths. or solving question papers.
Listening to music is possible only when a student is writing something. It is not possible while reading and understanding any subject.

Author: Kailash Kumar    10 Dec 2015      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 1  (Rs 1)    Voting Score: 0

In my opinion there is no room for any kind of music during serious study particularly of subjects like science, mathematics etc. which require full focus and attention. However it may be subjective from person to person. Fully focused and concentrated study itself becomes a music to the serious student.

Author: Mahesh    11 Dec 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

YouTube has different collections of music - positive affirmations, binureal beats and sleeping music. When you are studying you should definitely consider good music when you go for sleep. This way you can definitely remember the stuff during exam. I also learned that the more positive you say to yourself it helps with memory.

Search on youtube for following music types.

1. White noise.
2. Relaxing sounds
3. Night sounds
4. Waterfall sounds
5. Binaureal beats
6. Meditation music

If you listen to one of these types on regular basis. And learn how to be at peace in mind then you can remember stuff during exams. Also this helps in learning new stuff as well. I have tried it and can tell you this definitely works.

Author: [Anonymous]    11 Dec 2015      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Music while studying is an strange fact for me. Because during my college days, I could not bear any kind of noise while studying.
For me, it needs pin drop silence to understand the facts and concepts.
I guess, for mathematics, physics and science related subjects cannot be studied with music. So you are from this field, I would suggest you to change your habit.
Because this will lead you to temporary memory and the things learnt this way will not be long lasting in your mind.

If you still want to continue, it would be better if you play some meditation kind of music. I have one CD recorded simply with 'OM'. I love to play that when I am alone at home and want some peace of mind.
For me, music is good for refreshment.

Author: jenny    11 Dec 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1  (Rs 1)    Voting Score: 0

Seema, if you are interested in something soft and soothing music/songs then listen to Talat Mehammod, Hemant Kumar, Mukesh songs to keep the mind relaxed and calm.

You can also try to listen to instrumental music which may not disturb you with lyrics, when you are studying.

Author: monika    11 Dec 2015      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Hi there,

Yes listening to music while studying helps you in concentration and relaxation as well. However regarding the type of music it depends and differ from person to person as one l iking for person may be annoying to other. So its a personal choice.

if you are like a calm human being you may want to listen to some ghazals. If you are a bit rocky then listening to some high beat mysic might help you.

Regarding where you find the kind of music you like you know it.. google is the answer of every question so just type in the keywords and way to go..

Author: hemant    29 Dec 2015      Member Level: Silver     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Its not at all wrong to listen music while studying if its not disturbing your study or diverting your concentration.
its purely your choice about what kind of music you must listen, but avoid listing to songs or music with lyrics as often lyrics make you to have some efforts to understand and relate with them.
Do not go for your favorite songs as you start humming and appreciate it unknowingly, also you start remembering next part of songs.
My suggestion will be the instrumental music of natural sounds or soothing simple songs or certain language you are not very familiar with.
The volume should be just audible and not more than that.
music is good while solving problems and referring or revising, but when you are learning new concept avoid music.
You shouldn't be dependent on music while you study.
Few suggestion are
Dhrupad , Santoor, Sarod,Flute ( not fused with other instruments)
Aalaps, and different Ragas.
If you want little heavy music to keep you awake
you can listen to Mridang, Jazz and operas
if it doesn't divert your concentration Ghazals, folk songs and semi classical are good options as well.

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