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How to add Adsense to Blog in blogger

Date: 28 Dec 2015   Posted By: jenny     Group: Computers    Category: Blog and websites   

I have created a blog using blogger. I have questions regarding Adsense in the blog. I have adsense approved. Is it okay to link my original articles from hub pages to my blog and then apply for adsense for my blog? Do I need to post fresh articles and then apply for adsense? Can experts please share tips regarding this?
Awaiting suggestions.

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Author: [Anonymous]    29 Dec 2015      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

As per your statement, you said you have already approved AdSense account then why shall you apply it again for blogger's blog? You can associate the same one on blog if it is same Gmail ID and Pub ID that got / associated it in Hubpages contribution.

Sign in to your blog
Click on 'Layout' option at left side of the screen
Click on 'Add Gadget' option at right side of the screen
Click on '+' sign shows in first option (AdSense) on the small window that just opened.
You may try to select the Ad size and 'save' it.
You have to click on 'Save arrangement' on the 'layout' screen. That's it. The Ads will appear after few minutes. You may adjust the ad location as per your choice by taking similar steps or dragging the 'gadget' location.

By the way, you can use URL/link of hubpages to your blog but the whole content shall not be same and you have to draft it differently.

Author: Mahesh    29 Dec 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

There are two ways to add the adsense code into blogger blog.

1. HTML Code.
2. Theme HTML block.

1. HTML Code: If your blogger account is in different gmail ID to that of Adsense block then this is the method for you. You just have to copy the code from block and paste it in your template. You can choose the position at which the code can be copied. You can choose how to do the placement. To do this you have to go to Template> Settings > Edit HTML. And then you get the template HTML which you can use to paste the code.

2. Theme HTML Block - If your adsense account and blogger blog using the same mail, then you need to try this method. This method allows you to connect to adsense account and from here you can just drop the existing created adsense ad codes.

Depending on which method works for you, try one of the above. You can also view the code immediately within your blog. Make sure to download the registry entry to avoid accidental clicks from your computer.

Author: MANISH KUMAR    03 Jan 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

I summarise all the step one by one, please follow them:

1) First of all log in to Blogger site.

2)Then on the dashboard click layout link but If you not carry this link then directly go through Template page of your blog and then press the AdSense tab.

3)If you work with layout link as explain in point 2 then you can place advertise on your blog site at any where on the the web page like you can put advertise on side column by just clicking on 'Add a Page Element' on that column similarly for top and bottom space.
After that you apply the save button at the end.

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