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SEO - How to get good Backlinks to website?

Date: 29 Dec 2015   Posted By: SajithkumarS     Group: Computers    Category: Blog and websites   

How to get good back links to a website?
How to get your page rank in the top 50 in Google?
How to increase page views?
How to make your website display the right kind of Ads?
How to ensure your website is not blacklisted?
How to place the ads at the right place in your website?
Experts: kindly provide guidance.

Want to know all about SEO-backlinks? This page will provide you with all the information you are looking for.

Author: Mahesh    30 Dec 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

Let me answer each question one by one.

1. In order to get backlinks you have to write engaging content. You have to write content that lets people link to you. And you have to use two methods that works to get backlink. First is guest blogging and second social media sharing. In case of guest blogging, your links will come in organically after you publish the content that has link to your site. In case of social media, if bloggers check your content they are going to link to you.

2. It's hard to get your page into Top 50 for all users. As most of the search results these days are personalized. So the results that you see on your phone may not be similar to all the users. However if you optimize for certain keywords then it is possible that you may get some backlinks and retain the position at the top few places.

3. Pageviews can be increased if you share it on social media. As people on social media check more random websites, it'll bring you some pageviews. Also sharing on websites and forums like reddit, google groups and facebook groups definitely helps.

4. You have to create tightly focused content. And this will bring your pages some specific ads. For example if you only write the content related to the health then your ads will be reflected on that. However if you change the content to say mobile and suddenly write about health, then ads will be mixed.

5. In order to avoid your website from blacklisted, you have to avoid spam. You have to avoid link bombing. You have to avoid excessive sharing on social media and other places. You have to also stop sending emails or SMS where people are getting the message without subscribing.

6. Above the fold position is the right for your website. You are likely to get better conversion for your clicks using the placement. Make sure to use the right type of ads (in reference to their size) in order to get clicks.

These are some of my personal observation. Hope this helps you make some changes to your website and improve your conversion rate.

Author: [Anonymous]    31 Dec 2015      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

Q: How to get good back links to a website?

Ans: Try to avoid it since Google Penguin sooner or later recognizes the unnatural backlinks and stop to index the page immediately though the backlink pages would have given good traffic in the beginning.

Q: How to get your page rank in the top 50 in Google?

Ans: There are many parameters on this, in short, you can try to search on Google about Black hat SEO and White hat SEO to know the fact, then try to write avoiding those techniques.

Q: How to increase page views?

Ans: Try to come up with some new topic or about to happen (like trending) topic and write accordingly. The presentation of the article with around 800 words containing all the detail for the topic, attractive URL, reasonable keywords, image tag, html tag and video tag would be helpful for increasing page views.

Q: How to make your website display the right kind of Ads?

Ans: Keywords are very important, so, try to use relevant keywords as per your choice of the ad and try to use alternate keywords when keyword limit exceed to avoid over using keywords issue. The next one is, Ad company may show ad to visitor based on visitors' search (cookies) history though they visit on your webpage. In this case, right keywords for right ad won't work since search engine will give preference to visitor's search than publishers' keywords.

Q: How to ensure your website is not blacklisted?

Ans: Make sure that you are not violating Black hat SEO in every page.

Q: How to place the ads at the right place in your website?

Ans: I suggest you to place the ads on right side one or two, one on the top of the post and the next one in between the post. Try for text link where contents display, and the rest place is Ok with image ad.

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