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What is Star Operating System?

Date: 29 Dec 2015   Posted By: Tharmi     Group: Computers    Category: Software   

I would like to know about the Star Operating System. What exactly is this OS? Can anyone tell me about its features, advantages, etc?

Wondering what is Star OS? Know from this Ask Expert page its unique features and uses.

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The Star Operating System is better known as Red Star OS which had its origin in North Korean. It is a Linux-based operating system made upon the Linux Fedora 11 or the Linux 2009. The Red Star OS has been there in year 2002 till present.

This operating has also been used to support the WiFi routers by a few Korean companies.

The Red Star OS is also popular as the official North Korean operating system; however several Korean users will recommend Windows OS for the most. We will try to figure out a possible answer to that later in my response.


- Being a Linux-based Operating, it comes with all the goodness of working on a Linux system.
- Also, it gives a visual feel similar to the MAC OS of Apple.
- It comes with built-in firewall as we find Windows Firewall in Windows Operating systems.
- It also comes pre-loaded with antivirus protection.
- It has its own browser called Naenara, which is actually a modified version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.
- It comes with a Tamper protection, that is, if a malicious program, cleverly engineered software or a user will try to alter the core system files of the Operating System, the Tamper protection arrangements will not let it happen. A keen check on any such attempt is made constantly on Red Star Operating System.

Disadvantages –

- To the worst of it, many of the above mentioned advantages are also the disadvantages of Red Star OS.
- The antivirus, firewall and the web browser that come with Red Star OS point to the North Korean servers, therefore it becomes a question as why should users from other country install this OS.
- Not just that, the OS seems unfit for the most of non-Korean users.
- This Operating System is built on the open source Linux base, however, the owners have a full control of the OS. (And that is where happens the ultimate death of Open-source Linux OS base)
- The Operating System points to the North Korean servers to perform most of its operations. That means, our information may have been going in an alien country and in the hands on unknown people.
- Also that running Red Star OS is simply said that our each and every activity may have been being tracked by the OS owners and most possibly the North Korean government and even a third-party.
- After knowing the above points, the Tamper protection which is considered as an advantage in this OS actually becomes an advantage for the OS owners, not us (the users).

On a personal note, if you would ask me "What exactly is this OS?", I would say, "most possibly a North Korean spyware?".

Free Advise -

Dear questioner, why are you interested in this OS? If you are interested to use it as your primary Operating system, then it is better to drop the idea and use an operating system like Ubuntu, which is based on Linux and is considered ideal for users who want a modern Linux computer. Otherwise, some paid options like Windows operating systems are always good to go, and perhaps the best fit for the basic users who like it simple as well as those who are involved with Graphics development as well as heavy gaming.

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