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    What is the correct procedure to apply for PAN card online

    Confused about the PAN card online application process? Understand from experts the correct way on how to apply for a PAN card in India through online mode.

    Nowadays, the application to request our PAN card in India can be made online by filling a brief, 2-minute form. But, at the same time, most of the individuals who are willing to apply for PAN online do not know just how to do it correctly.

    Specially, the following questions revolve in one's mind while applying for PAN online:
    1) I have filled the form, but where to submit the documents?
    2) What format should my scanned documents, such as Photograph, Voter's card or Aadhar card be in?
    3) Should I crop my scanned Photograph or send it as it is, especially when the actual photograph in the scanned document is pretty smaller than the scanned doc?

    Neither the official Income Tax website nor the third party sources such as blogs and guru websites provide any brief knowledge on these points. One who is confused about the process can apply it offline too, but at least the actual online process should be shared properly to be known to all. I would like to know from ISC members living in India who have an experience in applying for the PAN card online to please share their knowledge here with everyone and make the process simpler to all.
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    Hello, I am created my PAN online, it's a simple task. you need to fill a form online, after payment you will show print page. you need to print this page. this page contains details you filled and one placeholder for your photograph, attach it their. you doesn't need to scan photo. it also contains address on which you need to post this printed page with documents which are you selected when you fill form. Thanx.

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    So does that mean the process is semi online? We need to fill that form online, print it on a paper, sticking photo on the physical form and then sending it to TIN address by post?

    Ank Arya

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    yes arya. it's not fully online. we need to post it. 1) fill form 2)after submission print form 3)attach photo 4)attach selected documents 5)send to its office.

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    For new PAN card, Form No. 49-A must be filled up. The most reliable link is: After filling up of the form, a print-out is required to be taken and signed (this is the most important requirement). After signing the print-out, it is required to be sent to: 'Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411016'. The photograph, payment receipt and supporting documents must be enclosed.
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    You can apply online for PAN card from one of the below links given. UTI official website at (or) NSDL at

    For more detail as per your query, you can check the following threads too.

    Hafeezur Rahman
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    You can apply online for PAN card through the website

    First step is to fill the Form 49A.
    Before filling the form you can check the important instructions and guidelines at

    After submitting the filled form you have to pay the application fee.Once you have paid the fee you will get PAN acknowledgment number.Keep this number for tracking the status of application.

    Once you have completed above steps,then you have to sent the required documents to the below address.

    Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
    NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
    5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341,
    Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony,
    Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411016'

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    PAN card is a necessary one for the persons,who was doing regular transactions in banks. The person who need to deposit amount more than Rs.49990 in bank ,must require PAN Card.PAN Card is issued by income tax department of India. PAN Card can be used as a proof for applying passport.
    Usually,applying for fresh pan card costs - Rs.107 delivered to your ( with in India ),
    outside India - Rs.989.
    Citizen of India should fill form 49A for applying fresh PAN Card, for NRI'S Form 49AA Should be filled.
    For applying pan card visit, there will an option to fill the pan card application with guidelines to fill application form. Proof's for applying pan card : ration card,Adhaar card,voters I'd can be given as proof.
    After filling application form, then you will be asked to pay fees for pan card, through net banking,debit/credit card facility you can pay the fee, then you have to send the proof's and forms to the specified address. After verification , with in a month you will receive the pan card. Note: note down the application number for tracking the status of the application.
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    It's a self explanatory process ones you visit the online portal of PAN !
    You can also visit a agent or UTI office along with your ID proof, address proof and three photos and apply.

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    Here is the link to resource where you can know what is the correct procedure to apply online for a PAN card in India, for individual category.
    Best tips on how to apply online for PAN card

    Chitra Rana

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    If you had ever visited this link then all your doubts gets clear.

    Anyways, although indian government had started accepting online PAN application form, but their document scrutinizing process is still offline, due to which once you applied and paid the necessary amount, you have to take the print-out of the form and affix your photo and signature and send it to following address along with address proof and identity proof.

    Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
    NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
    5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341,
    Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony,
    Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411016'

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    Hii, Ank Arya
    This are the following procedures to apply PAN card online. They are-

    1) First and foremost fill an online form by clicking this link-

    2) Make an online payment through your credit/debit card or through internet banking.

    3) Download and print the online form.

    4) Fill the downloaded form with your appropriate information.

    5) Documents required -

    Online form, self attested proof of identity, self attested proof of address, self attested proof of date of birth.

    6) Send this documents by post/courier to below address-

    Samanta communication pvt ltd
    ( PAN service department )
    41,fourth flour, tower I,
    Shakti towers,
    766, Anna salai,
    Chennai- 600002.

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    Go to the website 'The Pan Card'

    Click on 'Apply Now'

    3) A form appear on the Screen , fill up it with your personal details, communucation details and income details.

    4) And then click on submit button.

    5) Next pay fees by making an online payment using Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking.

    6) Therefore a form generate-
    Either download pre-filled PDF form, save and print later
    Or print directly if you are connected to a printer.

    7)Paste two recent stamp size colour photographs (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) on the space provided for photo.

    8)The last but not least, sign appropriately in the place where required.One signature across the top left photo (Do not sign over the face),One signature below the top right photo within the box and One signature at the bottom of the form within the box and one in all the pages of proof of Identity, Address, and Date of Birth.

    9)Send the physical application enclosing with the duly signed self-attested proof of Identity,
    Self-attested proof of Address and
    Self-attested proof of Date of Birth to the following address by post or courier:

    Samanta Communications Pvt Ltd
    (PAN Service Department)
    41, Fourth Floor, Tower I,
    Shakthi Towers,
    766, Anna Salai,
    Chennai - 600002.

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    There are two authorised service provider for apply PAN card, one is NSDL and other is UTIITSL. One can apply for PAN card through online or offline from any one of this.

    For apply online from NSDL visit the website or from UTIITSL visit the website and fill the form 49A correctly for apply a new PAN card. Provide all the details correctly on the online application form and upload your scanned photo and signature on the website. You can use your digital signature and digi locker data on the UTIITSL website on the application time. After fill up the application pay the application fees of the amount Rs. 107/- plus service tax. You can pay the fees through online debit or credit card or though Internet banking. Application fees can be paid through offline by demand draft and cheque.

    After successful online application take a print out of the system generated application form with unique application number. Now, attached photograph on this application form and sign on the mentioned space this photo na d signature will be printed on the PAN card. After completing this process send or submit the application form with demand draft or cheque (if pay through offline) and required documents on your nearest NSDL or UTIITSL regional office.

    You have attached the documents supporting your identity proof, address proof and date of birth proof. For this documents you can use Aadhaar card, EPIC card, driving licence, Passport, Matriculation Certificate, identity card issued by state or central government, certificate from gazetted officer.

    Write down the online application number for track your PAN card status. Generally it takes 20 to 30 days to get your new PAN card. PAN card will deliver through speed post on your address which you provided at the time of application. If you want to make correction on your PAN card, visit the mention website and apply for correction by the same procedure.

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    You need the following documents while applying for new PAN Card or issuance of PAN Card in lieu of lost or damaged PAN Card.

    1. Proof of Residence
    2. Proof of Identity
    3. Proof of DOB

    Aadhaar and/or Voter Card, Passport can vouch for the first two requirements. But DOB is the most problematic area. In the absence of Birth Certificate or Matric Certificate one can submit an affidavit about his or her DOB duly attested by Tehsildar/Notary Public. I have observed at my Samadhan Kender that individuals provide different DOB in POI, POA and at a later stage it becomes very difficult to modify and change the same DOB everywhere. As such be careful about getting your DOB inserted in your identity/address proofs including PAN cards.

    Ashok Goyal

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    we are wished inform for applying the pan card in online with below simple procedures followed,


    1. go to google and search pan card apply online...

    2. you get lot of links and blogs is showing, but you have go only the NSDL Official website only..

    3. go to click the pan card apply online button and show one application for fill up the personal details and communication address, that form is FORM 49A

    4. All process completed then you have to pay the payment by credit card or any net banking. finally get the print out of the filled form

    5. you send the register post or speed post along with supporting documents to the below address.

    INCOME Tax PAN Services Unit,
    NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
    5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341,
    Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony,
    Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411016.

    6. After 15 days, you get the original card by post or PAN NO update details send sms to your register mobile no in form 49A..

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    By following things we can apply for the pan card.
    1.Fill the Online PAN Card Application
    2. Make Payment Online
    3. Print & Sign the Documents
    4. Send the Docs by post/courier
    We have done this process and get our pan card.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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    It is very simple process don't be worried about anything which you might be thinking that if I do something wrong then my pan card application will be rejected. Be calm, here is the process for applying the pan card.
    first go to the website and Fill the pan card application form Online. And then make your payment online using your debit card or credit card. Took out the print and sign on it. And the last step send the document by post. That's all it is just simple. If I can do that then you too can do that.

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    1) Documents like identity proof, address proof, proof of date of birth along with photos should be uploaded to the PAN Services Unit website.

    2) Scanned documents should be in the resolution of 200 DPI and file format should be PDF/A. Documents can be saved as a single file or else multiple files. However, five is the maximum limit for multiple files.

    Here is a step by step guide which will help an individual to apply for PAN card online:-
    1) CSC portal has 2 links. One for applying for a new pan card and the other one for the PAN change request.
    2)There are different forms like 'Form 49A' is for Indian citizen, 'Form 49AA' is for foreign citizens.
    3) Once appropriate form is selected, an individual has to fill it completely.
    4) Once filled, it has to be submitted.
    5) On submission, confirmation page shows up.
    6) On the confirmation page, an individual can correct errors and resubmit the form if necessary.
    7) Once confirm button is pressed, the transaction id page gets displayed.
    8) The 12 digit transaction number that is displayed should be noted down.
    9) Click on make payment.
    10) An e-wallet payment screen appears. Here applicant must make payment.
    11) In the PDF, acknowledgment receipt gets displayed which can be saved or else printed.
    12) Print out of acknowledgment receipt should be signed along with affix photo and supporting documents.
    13) Next comes, scanning of the documents. There appears tab on the main screen and as per that users need to scan and upload his documents.
    14) This form along with documents should be put in an envelope and should be posted to the address below.
    NSDL at Income Tax Pan Services Unit,
    NSDL e-governance Infrastructure Limited,
    5th floor,
    Mantri Sterling,
    Plot No. 341,
    Survey No. 997/8,
    Model Colony,
    Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,
    15) Within 15 days this application will be reached to them and thereby they will start processing the application and send a PAN card to individual's address.

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    Yes now a day you can apply for new PAN card online or you can make correction to your existing PAN card through online. You can also apply for another PAN card if you have lost it or misplaced. For applying online please follow this steps.
    1. Go to Google and search "Apply online for PAN through NSDL" or "Apply online for PAN through UTI".
    2. Get directed to either of the sites NSDL or UTI.
    3. Fill up the online form.
    4. Select ID proof and Address proof documents you want to submit.
    5. Pay fees which can be paid online through net banking or debit/credit card.
    6. After paying fees you will be provided form to print. Print this form and attach your photo and sign it.
    7. Courier this form with proof documents at address given in the instructions in the printed form.
    That's it. You are done. You will receive you PAN card within one month.

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    Please find below steps to apply for PAN Card online

    1. Visit the website of the Income Tax Pan Services Unit. This can be visited at Online PAN Application

    2. This is the home page of the Income Tax PAN Services unit and has different choices such as application for a new PAN, Enquiry and Tracking status, Reprint of PAN card and changes or correction in the PAN details. The applicant must choose the option which is applicable to him.

    3. To apply for a new PAN, Form 49A will need to be used. Form 49A can be filled online by visiting this link. Fill in the details and submit the form online. After the form is submitted online successfully, an acknowledgement is displayed. This shows a unique 15 digit acknowledgement number. This acknowledgement must be saved and printed for further process.

    4. The acknowledgement form must be sent to the Income Tax department. Before sending this, you will need to attach a few documents along with the acknowledgment form. This includes a proof of address and a proof of identity. Your name which is mentioned in these documents should be in the same format as that in the PAN application form. Take care of this at the time of filling in Form 49A.

    5. You must also affix two recent colour photographs on the acknowledgment form in the applicable space. Signatures have to be made where indicated. The photograph you affix should be clear and recent, as this is the same photograph which will be used on your PAN card.

    6. Application for PAN necessitates payment of Rs.96 if the communication address is within India. In this case, you can make the payment by one of the following methods - cheque, Demand Draft, internet banking, credit card or debit card. If the communication address is outside the country, then the amount to be paid is Rs. 962, and this is only in the form of a demand draft. In the case of payment by internet banking, by credit card or by debit card, the payment has to be made at the time of filling in the form, after which a payment acknowledgement will be given. Take a print of this and attach with the acknowledgement form.

    7. The acknowledgement form must thus be accompanied by photographs, proof of address, proof of identification and the payment/payment proof as the case may be. This must be sent to NSDL in Pune within 15 days of the online application date. The envelope must be subscribed with the words 'APPLICATION FOR PAN - Acknowledgement Number'. The applications are processed at NSDL after receipt of payment - meaning if the payment has been made by means of a demand draft or cheque, you must wait for realization of the payment.

    8. Online payments made can also be tracked online. NSDL also offers the facility of tracking by writing to them at their address or by sending an SMS to 57575 by typing SMS NSDLPAN -space- Acknowledgement No.
      The process of changing or correcting the details of your existing PAN card is similar to the process of applying for a new PAN card.

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    It is very easy to apply for PAN card online. Internet connection is required to your PC or smart mobile phone. Visit the website of Income Tax Department, Government of India. On home page of this site you will find a link "APPLY ONLINE". Just click it and you will be directed to another page where before going to fill up the form online you must go through the various links. Before filling the online form, read the guidelines, various instructions, documents to be required and various mode of payment of fees for processing the application and postal charges to dispatch the PAN card to your address.
    For Indian citizen form 49A is to be filled. While filling the information in the box provided in application form, leave one box after every word, number and punctuation. Your name , father's name, address etc. must be according to matriculation certificate. Address must be furnished as per latest and valid address proof available with you.
    Payment for PAN card is Rs. 107. Payment can be done by either of the method i.e. debit/ credit card, net banking or demand draft. After providing complete information in form 49A and payment of fees submit the form. If any discrepancy is there in filling the form, error message will come. Rectify it and again submit. If there is no error, edit and submit option will come. Do it accordingly.
    After success full submission, acknowledgement will be generated. Take the print out of it. Complete the acknowledgement form in all the respect. Paste two passport size color photograph of the applicant at space provided for it. Sign the acknowledgement in the box provided for it. Enclose the documents like ID proof, address proof and acknowledgement copy in an envelope. Envelope must be superscribe as " APPLICATION FOR PAN and 15 digit acknowledgement number. Post this envelope to the nearest zone of Income Tax Department as per your address provided in the copy of acknowledgement . If all the information provided by you matches with documents given by you, then you will get the PAN card at your address within 15 working days.

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    In simple words, the safest and fastest way to get PAN card is to visit the nearest PAN card office where you can simply submit your offline form and required documents.
    Paresh B. Gujarati

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    As per your query its better to go to a PAN card center and get it done because I recently got my PAN card. By online submitting is not as easy for comman man, because every inital also counts and as per my knowledge AADHAR CARD proof is not allowed. I had tried online and got lot errors, i,e because I wanted PAN card in my Marital surname where as all my documents were of previous surname's. For each and every initial or surname change entry I needed a notary proof which was not a simple task. Finally, I visited a near by PAN card center and gave him my SSLC document and my recent bank statement which had recent surname. He took some extra charges for changing the surname but the work was done and I received it in 15 days by courier. So my suggestion is please don't try online and get stuck.

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    Simple steps to apply for PAN Card online-

    Step -1 Download Form-49 A from in PDF format or in Fillable form.

    Step -2 If you have download PDF form then fill it manually. and if you have download in fillable form then fill it by computer or laptops as the case may be.

    Step -3 Collect and keep following documents-
    Proof of Identity
    Proof of Address
    Two photos (recently passport size)
    Applicable fees ( approx. 110/-to 150/-)
    Filled and signed Form - 49A
    Step -4 Go to neatest PAN Deposit center (NSDL Offfice)

    Step -5 Deposit your Form-49A and supportive documents as directed by officials and customer support executive of PAN Deposit center (NSDL Offfice).

    Step -6 Take Aknowledgement Receipt and wait for 15-20 days.

    Step -7 PAN Card will deliver to your postal address within 15-20 days of deposit form-49A. However, PAN No will receive within 10-12 days on your submitted Mobile Numbers.

    Step - 8 If any problem, please contact 020-27218080 OR, SMS - NSDLPANAcknowledgement No. & send to 57575 to obtain application status.

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    go to this link
    anyone can apply for pan so fill the form with signature and submit online 110 is fees for applying pan card. proof of identity like adhar card and proof of address and two to three passport size photos which are click recently much be required.

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    • For new PAN card request, form 49A has to filled. This is applicable for citizens of India only. The form has to be filled in block letters only preferably with black ink. Do not make any mistake while mentioning the E-mail id and phone numbers as this will be the common options to reach you.

    • The filled in form has to be duly signed, appropriate sized photograph has to be affixed along with Demand Draft(if any), the proof of identity and address documents and sent to National Securities Depository Limited(NSDL) in the below address.
      Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
      NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
      5th Floor, Mantri Sterling,
      Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,Model Colony,
      Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune-411 016.

    • The envelope has to superscribed with 'APPLICATION FOR PAN --N - 15 digit Acknowledgement Number' (e.g. 'APPLICATION FOR PAN AXXXX7865N-658010200000089')

    • To know the application status, using the mobile phone, we can type a message in the format NSDLPAN 15 digit Acknowledgement No. and send it to 57575.


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    For those who got PAN card without hassles, fine, I congratulate them.
    But not all are lucky that way. Many get their application rejected for one reason or other. That may cause delay.

    Hence those who have some doubts o certain points may contact directly the centres of UTIISL or NSDL.

    I had to apply for PAN for my son. The response from NSDL franchisee was not encouraging. Then we approached UTIITSL service centre. We clarified all our doubts and filled up the form and got the acknowledgement.

    As unfortunately the time was a very hectic period, as huge number of people were applying in the background of demonetisation, there was backlog and they told us about it.

    It took about 20 days to get the PAN number in status. We are yet to get the PAN card itself, as it is showing' under print'. UTIITSl service centre do not take extra amount and takes only 107 rupees.
    My suggestion is be ready with Aadhaar with properly spelt name and address. The main problem applicants from southern states face is the surname or first name, middle name and last name. So one has to be very careful in filling the form as it is that makes how name appears in the PAN card. If something goes wrong, then it is a laborious process to get it corrected.

    I am of the opinion that in the matter of writing name it is not user friendly and they make us follow the western system, which not all of us are familiar.

    You should have proof(spelling by spelling and number by number exactly matching for the main details. For those who need to expand the initials, if they do not have a document for that, get attestation in Annesure 'A' and get attested by gazette officer, MLA, Municipal councillor etc.

    So my suggestion is: if you have doubts and not much confident applying online and doubt about proof documents, then better go to a UTIITSL service centre, take their human help and finish the matter without complication. Otherwise apply online, take printout, enclose proof documents and attach photos and mail it to the address given in the online application site and wait for PAN card issue or status.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    For getting a new PAN card you need to follow the given steps
    1. First go to the online site for PAN card application
    2. Then fill up the form with necessary details and submit.
    3. Then pay Rs. 107 either in net banking mode or with your debit or credit card.
    4. Take a print out of the filled form and affix two stamp size color photograph in the right place.
    5. Attach xerox copy of ID proof, address proof and DOB proof. Send all of them with the application form to the authority.

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    A good article has been written on this platform to understand the process of making PAN card online. Please read this articleHow to apply online for PAN Card?.
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