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What are all the differences between plant cell and animal cell ?

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This is one of the exam questions for biology students. I would like to know how plant cell differs from animal cell. I need atleast 10 differences between them. Awaiting answers from experts!

Wondering about the difference between plant and animal cell? Find responses from experts on this page.

Author: Bhaskar Borah    12 Jan 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

The Difference between animal cell and plant cell are-

1. Cellulose cell wall present in Plant Cell and There are no cell walls in animal cells. Also no cellulose found in animal cell.
2. In Plant cells Cytoplasm is pushed to the periphery and forms a thin lining against the cell wall But cytoplasm is denser more granular and occupies most of the space of the cell of a animal cell.
3. One or more Vacuoles found in a plant cell which are large and prominent But In Animal cell vacuoles are generally absent and if found they are small and temporary.
4. Plastids are generally present in Plant cell but absent in animal cell.
5. In plan cells centrosom is absent but Centrosome is present in Animal cells.
6. Several sub-units of golgi bodies called dictyosomes present in plant cell, And In animal cell highly complex golgi bodies present near the nucleus.
7. As a energy source most of the plant cells uses direct Sunlight, But animal cells produces the energy from foods.
8. In plant cells reserved foods are stored as starch and in animal cells reserve foods are stored as glycogen.
9. Plant cells cannot change it's shape but animal cells can change it's shape.
10. Plants cells are usually larger in size and animal cells are comparatively smaller in size.

Author: jenny    12 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 8  (Rs 8)    Voting Score: 0

The following are the differences between the plant cell and an animal cell.

1. A plant cell has a definite cell wall made up of cellulose.
An animal cell does not have a cell wall. The cell membrane encircles the cell.
2. In plant cell the centrosome is absent. In animal cell the centrosome is present with one or two centrioles.
3. In plant cells, there are one or more prominent and large vacuoles. In animal cell the vacuoles are small and temporary concerned with secretion or excretion.
4. In plant cell, plastids are present. Plastids are absent in animal cells.
5. Plant cells are usually larger. Animal cells are smaller.
6. In plant cells the cytoplasm is not so dense. In animal cells the cytoplasm is denser and more granular.
7. In plant cell the thin lining of cytoplasm, mostly is pushed to the periphery. Whereas in animal cell the cytoplasm fills almost the entire cell.
8. Lysosomes are absent in plant cell, but lysosomes are present in animal cell.
9. In plant cell the reserve food is stored in the form of starch. In animal cell the reserve food is stored in the form of glycogen.
10. In plant cell several subunits of golgi apparatus called dictyosomes are present. In animal cell highly complex golgi bodies are present near the nucleus.

Author: Sadanandam N    12 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 8  (Rs 8)    Voting Score: 0

Differences between the plant cell and an animal cell :
1. Plant cell has a cell wall whereas it is absent in animal cell.
2. Regarding shape of cell, plant cell has rectangular shape whereas animal cell has irregular round shape.
3. Plant cell has chloroplast and it is used to prepare its own food from sun light. Animal cell has no chloroplast and it gets energy from food.
4. Plant cell has one large central vacuole but animal cell has one or more small vacuoles.
5. In plant cell, plastids are present whereas they are absent in animal cell.
6. In plant cell, lysosomes are usually not present whereas they are present in cytoplasm of all the animal celsl.
7. Most of the plant cells do not have cilia; but it is present in all animal cells.
8. Generally, plant cells do not have centrioles except some lower plant forms; but all animal cells contain centrioles.
9. The function of vacuoles in plant cell is to store water and maintain turgidity condition. But the function of vacuoles in animal cell is store water, waste items and ions.
10. Plant cells are very stronger when compared to animal cells.

Author: Dan    15 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1  (Rs 1)    Voting Score: 0

The animal cell doesn't have a cell wall, Vacuoles and Chromoplast.
Here you can see in this image:

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