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    Please guide me to clear University arrears

    I am studying under Anna University. I am now in 2nd year...I have arrears. How to clear those arrears...can you give me some simple tips...I am unable 2 concentrate on my studies...hope you give some suggestions...

    Thank u...
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    Hello Sai,

    You have not mentioned why you are unable to concentrate on your studies. There are several reasons due to which you cant concentrate during this engineering life. It is very crucial time of your life. Every wrong step you take may lead you to a great mishap. Be careful.

    To clear your arrears easily, if you are not an intelligent student, try to study the university previous years questions several times. Don't try to study the entire text book. Anna University Previous years question papers are available here Anna University Previous Year Question Papers. Most of the time, the questions will be previous papers only. Worst case, you will get atleast questions with more than pass marks from previous papers.

    You get more concentration on your studies by listening to classes. Dont bunk your classes. Be regular and punctual. Then you will automatically be diverted towards studies. Always try to sit in the first benches and do what ever the lecturer asks you. Be in contact with the lecturers by going to staff rooms. That will create interest in subject.

    Finally, you will clear arrears by reading previous papers as well as gain subject by listening to classes.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

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    Don't worry about it. Mere worry about the thing doesn't solves the problem.

    I hope that you have the habit of last minute preparation ,because it is the mentallity of students of our age.

    I don't say you to sit and prepare for exams every night. Better you can lend your ears to the lecturers while they are taking classes.

    Before a month of exams download previous year question papers and have a glance of it.

    Discuss the repeated problems with your friends.

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    Just relax, sit down and analyse the reasons behind your failure.
    Jot down all the points that you feel has let you down in the exam
    Prepare a checklist. Start working on each of these negative points and strike off the same from the list . That which seemed a herculian task for you to correct will start getting lighter and lighter as you work towards reducing the number in the list.

    Some tips which can help you:

    1.You can have group study and take the help of a mentor, say a senior in your college who can guide you properly

    2.You can request additional help from lecturers in subjects you are weak.

    3.If the ambience at your home distracts you, you can always opt to study in a library. With lot of books at your disposal for reference, you will be able to tackle the challenge easily.

    4. you can refer to model papers, previous question papers and take mock exams several times before attending the main exam

    5.Try to do meditation as this greatly improves concentration.

    6.Analyse the reason for your lack of concentration. If friends are constantly disturbing deal with them forthright.

    All the best

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    Tell me which Course u r doing now..
    Don't worry U have enough time.
    Try to solve previous year Question papers.
    If u had problem in maths go to tution.
    Other papers can be cleared by solving previous 3year question paper.
    And try to present neatly in ur examination.
    That is very important. if u present pleasantly u will surely get good marks.

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