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Worried about the value of the course and future

Date: 25 Jan 2016    Group: Education    Category: India Educational Consultants   

2 years ago I had completed a 1 year diploma program in Bakery & Pastry from a private institute. It is not affiliated to UGC or AICTE but ISO certified and registered with Bombay Public Trust act 1950 and under Societies Registration act 21 of 1860. does my diploma have value in the private sector? Does an HRD approved degree have value in India or abroad? Experts: do respond to my query.

Have you completed a, HRD approved graduate degree? wondering whether it is valued in the industry. Experts will respond to this query here.

Author: Kailash Kumar    27 Jan 2016      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

As far as a diploma in Bakery & Pastry is concerned, the author may consider starting his/her own venture where no certification is required. Also except perhaps in organised and corporate sector, where certain minimum eligibility criteria is prescribed, the private sector has nothing much to do with the certification as in such cases only skill counts. The degrees are awarded by institutions recognised by UGC which has got value both in India and abroad.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    27 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

The diploma awarded to you does not carry much importance in relation to job- prospects since it does not carry UGC and AICTE approval. Such approvals are mandatory in orde to get a job in a related field.
Since you have had an exposure in the field of Bakery and Pastry, you can start your own business initially in the pilot scale and later the same can be expanded depending upon the volume of orders of your product.
In that way, this diploma would be benificial to you.

Author: [Anonymous]    28 Jan 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

I do not think that it is the right time to think over what you have done 2 years ago.
It is better to try for some good job and prove your capabilities.
After all, the thing which matters a lot is your knowledge and work abilities.
If you will be able to justify your selection, you will get a job for sure.

Author: Bhakti Savla    28 Jan 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Since you have done your diploma course in Bakery & Pastry from an ISO certified institute, you would possess decent knowledge about making unique baking items. I would suggest you start practising baking at home and then apply for a job at some nearby bakery.

Alternatively, you can showcase the items you can prepare to some start-up dessert parlour in your locality and start supplying to them for good sales. Also, you can start selling baking items like cakes, pastries, doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes, etc. from home. You can use Facebook page and Whatsapp groups to get orders. You can even spend minimum amount to advertise about your products by distributing pamphlets in newspapers. Couple of my friends are able to generate a monthly income of 40,000 to 50,000 by selling baking related items from home. They generally get around 5-6 birthday cake or engagement cake orders (per month) and that generates huge profits. The best part is you do not have to take the risk of investing in a huge space. Just prepare items as the orders are received, on demand.

Also, if you are based in Mumbai, you can use eCommerce apps like Grofers and Scootsy for delivering products to customers in Mumbai.

Author: Mahesh    28 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

It helps if the course is approved by AICTE and other recognized body. However there are many such courses which are from private bodies. And they are doing good and you can find some value out of them. So it all depends on how you take your career forward. I personally think that you should try to apply your learning and from there you can find opportunities. Most of the time you can find solution that way. Also if you can get course from recognized body, then that would also help you mental satisfaction.

Author: Muhammad Haris    29 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

The diploma which is get from a non-affiliated UGC and AICTE institution has no value. So the diploma which granted to you doesn't convey much significance in connection to employment prospects. Such endorsements are obligatory in order to get a job. But you can start your own business because you have experience in field of Bakery and Pastry.

Author: Jagdish Patro    03 Feb 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

As far as Private sector is concerned, they won't look for recognition by UGC/AICTE etc. You have to prove your metal that you can excel in their firm and I am talking about any Diploma or degree. In the present case, you were mentioning that it is recognised by a registered society from Mumbai, as such I don't think it would be a hurdle for your career prospects. First gain knowledge in whatever field you may be and this would help you to prove your abilities. The problem may persist when you apply for a job under Government sector. Even then also, there would not be any problem as these courses are professional courses.

In the meantime, I suggest you start a small business in this area so that you gain experience in preparation and slowly you can establish well.

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