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What is the percentage of proteins in wheat flour and rice?

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Generally the staple diet of a common man in India is either roti made of wheat flour or rice. What is the percentage of proteins in wheat flour and rice? What are the other sources of proteins in the diet of a common man of India except dal or lentils?

Want to know what is the percentage of proteins in wheat and rice? Looking for more differences in both grains? Ask for related queries over here.

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Roti and rice both play a very integral part in the diet of the Indian people. Our meal is considered to be incomplete without rice or roti.Both the two types of flour have a number of nutritional differences.
You should carefully assess the similarities and differences of rice flour and wheat flour like-

1.Calorie per cup- Rice 578 kcal, Wheat 400 kcal

2.Carbohydrate per cup- Rice 127g, Wheat 84g

3.Fat per cup- Rice 2g, Wheat 2g

4.Vitamins and Minerals per cup- Rice 5% total, Wheat 64% total

5.Protein per cup- Rice 9g, Wheat 16g

Having seen the above chart we can say that wheat flour is rich in protein content. However their are some other factors which needs to be considered before arriving at any point like-
Gluten-Wheat contains gluten but rice doesn't. Gluten is a protein in wheat that causes inflammation of the small intestine in people who have celiac disease or an allergy to wheat.So if you're following a gluten-free diet Rice flour is good.

Benefits of having Wheat flour chapati-
1.Wheat flour is low in fat hence reduces risk of heart diseases and obesity.
2.Wheat flour take longer to digest hence help in maintaining sugar level.
2.Wheat flour is rich in fiber hence it keeps you satisfy for longer.

Tips -
1. To make chapati rich in fiber you can use soya flour, gram flour along with wheat flour.
2.To make chapati rich in fiber you can use fresh leafy veggies like coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, spinich leaves, green onion leanes or beet root and grated bottle gourd.
3.To make chapati rich in not only fiber but also minerals and vitamins you can add cooked lentils and dals in wheat flour while needing dough.
4.You can also make chapati by using multi grain flour like bajra, jowar or nachni to make chapati rich in iron.

Other Protein rich foods-
Nearly all foods contain small amounts of protein, and it's very easy to get your daily protein requirements from beans, grains, nuts, and certain green vegetables-

1. Beans and lentils-
Protein Content: beans, 12 to 14 g per cup cooked; lentils, 18 g per cup cooked.

2.Nuts and Seeds-
Protein Content: Nuts, 3 to 7 g per 1/3-cup serving, depending on the type (peanuts, almons and pine nuts have the most); Seeds,(chia seeds have the most) 2 to 5 g per 1/3-cup serving.

3.Tofu and Hemp-
Protein Content: Tempeh, 18 g per serving; tofu, 8 g per serving.

Protein Content: 6 g per egg.

Protein Content: 4 g per avocado
Hope it help!

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Protien- content of the wheat flour varies depending upon the presence of gluten content. In varieties of soft flour, the Protien - content varies between nine and twelve percent where as the presence of high gluten content in the wheat flour meant for bread preparation contains Protien between twelve and fourteen percent.
Rice contains less amount of Protien and that, too, is called Incomplete Protien since the same lacks the chain of amino- acid required for stabilisation of the Protien - content. Consumption of rice needs extra Protien supplements like Eggs, Yoghurt, Chickens, Beans etc to compensate the Protien - loss. A cup of rice may contain only four gram of Protien. The Brown - rice is somewhat superior in comparasion to white one since it contains large amount of fibrous content making it as a superior choice.

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