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How to grow spinach in balcony?

Date: 27 Jan 2016   Posted By: Subitha M V     Group: Home    Category: Gardening   

I am staying in flat. I dot have place to cultivate plant or vegetable. But balcony is available to cultivate plant and vegetable. Recently I purchased some spinach seed from exibhition conducted by state Govt and they were introduced some bags also for terrace and balcony garden. But unfortunately because of the heavy crowd I am not able to understand and purchase the bag. Is that type of bag we can purchase from market? what is the name of that bag?

Are you looking for information about how to grow spinach at home? Wondering about the bag and other things required to grow Spinach and vegetables at home? Ask here for expert responses for proper instructions and suggestions for your home vegetable garden.

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Hello Subitha,
Yes, I want to let you know that..The bags about which you are talking about are called GROW BAGS and these bags easily available in market or you can purchase them online. These Grow Bags are available in Paytm, Snapdeal, Ebay and in Amazon also in different sizes and of varying range.

Growing Spinach:-
This super-cold-hardy vegetable 'SPINACH' is a tender crop and you can plant spinach in either spring or fall and here are some steps and tips also that you can follow to grow spinach at your balcony in grow bags:-

1.First of all Decide whether you want a spring or fall harvest, or both to grow spinach. Plant your spinach four to six weeks for the last spring frost for a spring harvest or six to eight weeks before the first fall frost for a fall harvest. But before that prepare the soil with manure about a week before planting and make it loamy(means light and fluffy).

2.Sow seeds 1/2-inch deep and one inches apart. Doing so will allow the seeds to germinate without having to compete for space.

3.Cover the seeds with soil with the light hand. Just be sure that the seeds are not exposed to the air and are entirely covered by soil.

4. Also make sure that the soil over the seeds is not so firm, in fact it should be rather light and fluffy.

5. Now carefully water the planting area thoroughly. Make sure to use a watering can or a light shower setting on your hose or you can water seeds by passing water slowly through your fingers over the seeds. As a strong setting can disrupt the newly planted seeds and even wash them away.

6. Fertilize soil if your spinach is growing slowly for this you can use nitrogen-based fertilizer. Add in a few inches and water thoroughly.

7. And when your spinach plants will grow into seedlings, thin them lightly from time to time to prevent the plants from competing for space.

8. As soon as the leaves of the spinach will grow big enough to eat, (usually about three or four inches in length and two or three inches wide) you can harvest your spinach leaves. It generally takes about six to eight weeks from planting to harvest.

9.In the springtime,plants will grow tall and small flowers will bloom as soon as the temperature increases and the sun is out for longer than 14 hours per day. This process is called bolting make sure to harvest spinach leaves before they begin to bolt because once the plants bolt, the leaves become bitter.

Hope it will help you!

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I have successfully grown spinach and many other vegetables in containers. You do not necessarily need grow bags for gardening. The same can be done in any type of container.

Choice of container
Terracotta containers would be the best choice as they allow a balance of water in the soil. However, you may use cement pots, discarded plastic containers (like I did) or ceramic pots. Care must be taken to ensure that the containers are deep enough for the root system to develop and wide enough for the plants to grow healthy.

Use a combination of red soil and compost. Buy soil from the local nursery and if you tell them what you need it for they are likely to sell you soil best suited for spinach.

Spinach should be planted in an area that receives direct sunlight for at least 6 hours.

Planting seeds
Though seeds can be planted directly into the soil the best way is to soak them in water before doing so. This helps in 2 ways. You can identify seeds that won't germinate since they will float. Soaking seeds in water hastens the germination process.
Plant seeds at a distance of 3-4 inches, so the subsequent plant has room to grow.

After care
Once the seeds are sowed you will need to protect them from critters. Cover the container with a fine mesh or thin cloth like a chiffon duppatta. You will need to protect the tender shoots as well, when the seeds sprout.

Pest control
Avoid using chemical fertilizer instead spray chilli powder mixed in water to ward off pests. Alternatively, you can plant garlic or marigold in the vicinity of the planted spinach. Keep a lookout for ants as they transfer aphids and white flies etc to healthy plants. The latter are pests that will kill the spinach.

Water the plants in a controlled manner. You should not over water them. The soil should be always moist, never dry and not soaking in water. Ensure there is a drain hole at the bottom of the container, to drain out excess water.

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