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What is autism?

Date: 28 Jan 2016   Posted By: Sun     Group: Opinion About    Category: Miscellaneous   

What is autism? Do you know well about Autism? If you know something about autism, please explain it for updating my knowledge of it.

Looking for information on autism? Know from the expert answers here details bout autism.

Author: Padmini    28 Jan 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 6  (Rs 6)    Voting Score: 0

Autism is a genetic disorder and linked to X chromosome of our DNA.
The symptoms and their intensity may vary from person to person depending upon the expression level of gene.
The Chromosome responsible for this, is known as Fragile X- it is because due to some variations at DNA level, the chromosome becomes fragile.

There is no particular treatment for this disease yet, there is only preventive measures available to avoid Autistic child.
Parents having history of mental retardation in any of the family member, they are advised to consult concerned doctor before planning to have a baby.
Even the lady with 2-4 months pregnancy can get it tested for her would be baby.

Let me know if you want any further details.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    29 Jan 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

Autism is a very complex neurodevelopmental disorder and its manifestation can be seen when the child grows by two years old. The child may have poor concentration and learning ability and even they are seen with unusual anxiety.
In fact, there is no successful treatment of this disease but severity of the disease can be managed to a considerable extent with the home - remedies as indicated below-
1) Magnesium - supplements are vey useful in arresting the progress of the disease and hence this should be included.
2) Fish - oil- Omega 3 fatty acid along with other fatty acid do boost up the functioning of brain and as such a regular dose of Fish - oil should be administered with the consultation of dietician.
3) Probiotics- Probiotics help in killing the harmful bacteria present in the gut and hence regular use of yoghurt would be useful.
4) Melatonin- The main function of Melatonin is to induce sleep and its deficiency within the affected children aggravate behavioural disorder. An appropriate dose is to be decided by the doctor.
5) Vitamin-D - Deficiency of this Vitamin in mother may pass on to the womb and the new born child is the recipient of this disease. Supplementation of Vitamin D to such children would alleviate the progress of the disease.
6) Turmeric - Turmeric helps in alleviating the disease by providing necessary antioxidants.
7) Vitamin- C - Vitamin- C helps in strengthening the body - symptom and protects us from the external disease. Hence regular supplementation of Grapes, Oranges and Lemon would be helpful.
8) Anti - bacterial and Antiparasitic medicines are very useful for the children affected with this disease since Candida - bacteria is found within the guts of such children and this Bacteria leaves toxic residue in the system. An appropriate dose would be required to arrest the symptom.

Author: Mahesh    03 Feb 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Autism is a genetic disorder that causes the person to have lower amount of feedback from brain. This also alters their action and they find it harder to get in terms with the surrounding.

For example, there are some cases where person with autism has issues talking clearly. Some have issues trying to understand their own physical growth. Most of the time you may find that the condition of the autism can be improved over a period of time. However it is not easy to recover from autism and not all cases can be treated.

Most of the treatment involved are more of psychological in nature. Making them think on small things slowly and getting them to recognize surrounding is the way to improve on this. It takes time and a lot of patience to treat autism.

Author: Shibin Raj K    08 Feb 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 8  (Rs 8)    Voting Score: 0

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are genetic disorders which are group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorder are manifested in varying degree of social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive behaviour . There are tons of millions of people who are under this condition.

For many years the reason this for this condition was a mystery for the researchers and the common people but about a five years the scientists are coming with some reasons. But it is impossible to point out a single cause for autism because there is no one type of autism. Each type of autism are caused by a group of factors. Some can be caused by gene disorders or, mutations. But these are not sufficient to cause autism by themselves. In most of the cases, its caused by a combination of autism risk genes and environmental factors influence early brain development.

Each of the person living this condition is unique. They are unique in their abilities also. About 40% of them posses above average intelligence. And the many of them are exceptional in their field of excellence but significant disabilities they are unable to live independently. And the disorder in verbal communication makes them unable to communicate with their surroundings like normal people but they will develop non verbal ways of doing so.

These children needs love and affection from the early ages and should try to flourish their gifts. Most of the time parent would be poorly educated to identify the condition and this makes the condition worse. These children has a tendency to posses great deal of intimacy with their mothers because they are looking after then and are poor at forming relationship outside their house.

Let me burst some myths:

*Autism is not a rare condition, 1% of the world suffer from it.

*It is a life long condition and it doesn't just affect the children, they can grow into autistic adults.

*It is a incurable condition, you just have to give support them.

*It is a invisible condition, you can't identify them by looking.

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