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Which is better to learn in terms of mobile app development: Android or iOS?

Date: 13 Feb 2016   Posted By: Seema Shah     Group: Computers    Category: Programming   

Nowadays mobile app development has become quite common. My neighbour, a CS graduate, approached me with this query: Which is better to learn - Android or iOS in terms of simplicity, training time, features, longetivity of technology existence etc. Awaiting response from experts.

Eager to learn technical training with relation to mobile apps? Know about the most appropriate choice to learn concepts & software between Android and iOs in terms of mobile technology.

Author: rahul    18 Feb 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1  (Rs 1)    Voting Score: 0

Learning android is more appropriate as now a days there are more number of android users than any other platform. It takes less time to learn and features are amazing.

Author: Karthikeyan    05 Mar 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

I would like to distinguish both Android and iOS based on the parameters you mentioned,

Simplicity - All mobile application development languages will be similar to each other except some library changes depends upon the OS. I hope both programming languages will be simple for a CS graduate. When comes to it's usage, I felt Android is a lot simple than OS. Android is an open source platform and can be easily download from the internet. There are lot of forums and websites to support and guide new android developers.

training time - i heard the iOS development will take more time than the Android development training. But, it is mostly depends upon the person who are learning.

Features - Features are different between both Android and iOS. Both support various kind of features. I think as a developer, you need to worry about the features provided by the platform.

longevity - Both Android and iOS are emerging technology and will last longer in future.

My suggestion - I felt Android is far better than iOS as more than 80% of smartphone in the world running on iOS. Learning android application development helps you to reach more users and also helps you to learn as a freelancer.

Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati    03 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

In my opinion, both Android app development and IOS app development are same for a programmer. They may require different programming languages. But, any programming language is easy to learn when you have grip on atleast one other programming language. So I mentioned the word computer programmer. Therefore, if you have grip on any one programming language, app development for Android or IOS are same. On the other hand, if you are a novice in programming, learn C and then Java and start developing android apps rather than IOS apps as the former takes less time to learn and Android is the OS used in most of the mobile phones now a days.

Hope this answer helps.

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