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    Which is the best electric rice cooker?

    I want to buy a electric rice cooker. Can anyone tell me which is the best and what is the cost?
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    Hi Buddy,

    Good Rice cookers are available from the range of Rs. 1500- to Rs. 4000/-. Regarding the brands you can have models from Kenstar, Bajaj, Panasonic, Oster and Black & Decker etc. All these companies provide qualitative products. While you can get a Bajaj or Kenstar model with Rs. 2500/- rest models are higher in price.

    Don't forget to check for warranty & local service option before purchase.




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    Hi Buddy,

    Panasonic and Black & Decker Rice Cooker are Best for family and Bachelor People. They Cost you more.

    If you planning to have one for short period the you can go for Rice Cooker which cost less. If you have Shopping malls near you check out there. There are some China Rice Cookers which costs less with the Same Features.
    They also have some Warrenty.


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    Rice cookers have become a very essential gadget in many homes as one can cook rice, dal and vegetables all together at one shot just like conventional cookers. The only difference is that these electric rice cookers need not be watched to switch off.

    There are so many brands of rice cookers. Black Decker, Bajaj, Kenstar, Philips, National Panasonic all have their own rice cooker models. National Panasonic rice cookers are the pioneers in the Rice Cooker market. They have different rice cooker to suit the size of the family and your budget too.

    Now a days, there is a model available in National panasonic where the rice cooking vessel is anodised which is non stick and is also easy to clean. It is better to go for that particular model than the regular aluminium ones.

    The very latest model of rice cookers comes with timer settings for different kinds of dishes.

    To know more about the importance of rice cookers in Indian Kitchen Check Here

    For a list of Rice Cooker Models


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    my suggestion is to take the best electric rice cooker is panasonic brand.

    in this you will get best quality of cooked rice,and less amount of electric consumption is made.
    it is around Rs2000/-only.
    it switches off automatically after getting rice cooked, and keeps in the warm for several hours.


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    I recommend the following two electric rice cookers which are most popular in India.

    1. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

    Approximate price is : Rs. 1,500

    2. Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watt Electric Rice Cooker

    Approximate price : Rs. 1,850

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    Kent RO Systems has recently lunched the 4 new electric rice cooker.
    1. KENT Electric Rice Cooker-3L
    2. KENT Electric Rice Cooker-5L
    3. KENT Electric Rice Cooker SS
    4. KENT Personal Rice Cooker

    You can buy as per your requirements. To Book a Free Demo at you home, Kindly visit -

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