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How is the insulin injection used by diabetic patients manufactured?

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How is the insulin injection used by diabetic patients manufactured? What is difference between a slow acting , medium acting and long acting insulin? What is human insulin? What are insulin analogs? Can insulin be taken orally only and what are the alternate methods of its administration, if any?
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Insulin is hormone by nature and cannot be taken orally.
It has to be injected through veins only because that is its nature to work.

The insulin used by Diabetic patients are microbiological produced, Quality checked and packed hormones. For this, the microbes producing this hormones are allowed to grow in labs by providing their suitable environment artificially.
Then the hormone is extracted from them using standardized technology.

By Human Insulin, it is referred as Insulin from Human origin.

There are different grades of Insulin as your have mentioned and it depends upon the genetic variability of insulin producing genes.

Author: sabeel    26 Mar 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Insulin is a hormone secreted by beta cells of pancreas in order to lower the blood sugar level. Insulin promotes absorption of glucose to the body cells. The pancreas also secretes glucagon, which is an hyperglycemic(increases blood sugar level) hormone. It decreases glucose uptake in the cells.

Total amount of sugar in our blood is maintained by these two hormones. Imbalance of these hormones results in hyperglycemic conditions like diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia.

Insulin is a polypeptide consisting of 51 aminoacids arranged like a long chain. The precursor of insulin(pro insulin) consists of three subunits A, B and C. The subunit C is removed from the chain in order to convert it to the active insulin. This active form reaches the GLUT receptors present in the cell membranes. This binding promotes the increase in uptake of glucose by the cells from blood.

In a person with insulin deficiency, insulin should be administrated to the blood in the sufficient dosage.
For that, insulin pens and injections are commonly used. Other Oral hypoglycemic agents like metformin, glybenclamide etc are also used to decrease blood sugar level.

Previously, the insulin obtained from pancreas of cattle pigs were used for human use. In 1973, an american company named Eli Lilly was able to produce pro-insulin by recombinant DNA technology, a method in biotechnology. Recently, these methods are used in production of insulin for commercial purpose.

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