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Query in Mass Transfer Operations (BTech Chemical Engineering Exam)

Date: 24 Feb 2016   Posted By: Emre SENGÜL     Group: Education    Category: Exam Questions   

Do you have the solution for the following question?
Ammonia is being cracked on a solid catalyst according to the reaction
2NH3 -> N2 + 3 H2
At one place in the apparatus, where the pressure is 1 std atm abs and the temperature
200 centigrate degree. The analysis of the bulk gas is 33.33% NH3 (A), 16.67% N2 (B) 50%
H2 (C) by volume. The circumstances are such that NH3 diffuses from the bulk gas
stream to the catalyst surface and the products of the reaction diffuse back, as if
by molecular diffusion through a gas film in a laminar flow 1 mm thick. Estimate
the local rate of cracking in kg of NH3 per sq.m catalyst surface sec. Which might
be considered to occur if the reaction diffusion controlled with the concentration of
NH3 at the catalyst surface equal to zero:
Diffusivity of NH3 in N2 at 298 K = 2.30×10-5 m2/sec
Diffusivity of NH3 in H2 at 473 K = 18.6×10-5 m2/sec
You can reach with this:
'Set 4 question 6'
Experts: do resolve this query.

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