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What are various categories (other than caste) under which seats are reserved for admission?

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Other than caste based reservations, what are the various other categories under which seats are reserved by the Government or private educational institutions? Are private institution also allowed to reserve seats for admission? In case so, then what are the categories under which private institutions can reserve seats for admission?
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Author: Juana    05 Apr 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 12  (Rs 12)    Voting Score: 0

Other than caste based reservations in India aspiring students can seek admission into educational institutions if they belong to any one of the following categories –

1. Gender – Some institutions have a specific quota for female candidates
2. Religion – Educational institutions run by religious minorities are entitled to offer 50% of seats to students belonging to that particular religious group
3. Domicile – Seats are reserved for students belonging to the state the institute is located in. For instance 50% seats are reserved for students belonging to Tamil Nadu, in NIT Trichy, similarly private institutes also offer seats to students belonging to the state
4. Physically handicapped
5. Single girl child (in certain states)
6. Children and grandchildren of Freedom Fighters
7. Children of Armed Forces personnel and ex-servicemen
8. Sports quota
10. Migrants from J&K
11. Victims of terror attacks
12. Management quota (paid seats)

Seats mentioned in the above categories can be availed of by students if they meet the criterion. However, there is no specific data available as to the percentage of reserved seats available in each category in various private institutions. Since these institutions are governed by private bodies they decide the limit themselves, unless a state specifies a definite quota for the categories mentioned.

Author: Adarsh kumar    05 Apr 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 8  (Rs 8)    Voting Score: 0

We are in a country that still follows reservations on the grounds of caste. Therefore people of higher caste have to strive in order to get a good education institution or government job. Given below are reservations that you can find irrespective of caste.

1. Sports quota
Sports persons with national or state level achievement can choose this category.
2. Single girl child
If you are the only daughter of your parents then you can apply foe this category.
3. Physically handicapped
If one has disability of any kind he can definitely get a seat under this category.
4. Extraordinary achievement
People with extraordinary achievements get some relief under this category.
5. Ex-serviceman quota
Children of retired defence personals can get reservation under this category.
6. Migrants from Kashmir and Assam
People from these two states can get reservation.
7. Minority religion
If your religion comes under recognised minority religion then you can avail reservation in this category.
8. Farmers quota
Children of farmers can get reservation under this category.
9. BPL quota
People with very low income can opt for this category.
Only orphans can opt for this category.

*Almost all educational institutions in India have reservations for various different categories. Even private universities have reservation system which mostly include sports quota.
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Author: Mahesh    07 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Most of the reservations in India are on the basis of gender and caste. There are some other reservation that are on the basis of performance or disability.

For example some of the reservations are for -

1. Blind person reservation in some government education seats and jobs.
2. Disabled person (hearing or mute).
3. Sports quota
4. Migrants from naxalite states.
5. Migrants from kashmir and border affected regions.

These are some of the common quotas that are going to remain strong for next few more years. You can find above mentioned quotas not specific to the caste and religion.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    08 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

There are many reservation quotas available based on different standards. The broad categorisation is as below-

Caste based reservation
There are reservation for Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe(ST) and Other Backward Caste(OBC). The reservation breakup is SC - 15%, ST- 7.5% and OBC - 27%.

Gender based reservation
A recent constitutional provision has made 33% reservation mandatory in government jobs. Even in the electoral processes, women have a 33 % reservation.

Religion based reservation
Though central government has no guidelines on this aspect. However, some state governments have enacted rules stipulating reservations based on religion.

Other specific reservations

Apart from the above kinds of reservations, there are some specific need based reservations. Some of them are

1. Victims of terrorist attacks
2. Girl child
3. Physically handicapped
4. Differently abled persons
5. Sports personalities
6. Ex servicemen
7. Dependents of armed forces
8. Non resident Indians

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