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Need advice for earning opportunity and pocket money for an engineering student

Date: 24 Apr 2016   Posted By: Tahir Shaikh     Group: Career Guidance    Category: Engineering Jobs   

I am 21 and a 1st year engineering student. My father has expired and my guardians are taking care of me. I need advice for earning opportunity and pocket money to be self dependent.
I have a designing skill in autoCAD 2d,3d and writing skills in Urdu language. I had written few articles in weekly newspaper of Bangalore when I was 16 but they did not pay anything.
I have tried many things like network marketing, online captcha typing etc. In one online work lost 600 because of cyber fraud.
Can you suggest what to do?
Experts: do respond.

Searching for online opportunities to earn pocket money? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

Author: Kailash Kumar    28 Apr 2016      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

It depends on the city where the author resides. There are many possibilities like doing tuition, working part time in any shop or finding part time job anywhere in whatever capacity. The author should try his best to earn sufficiently for paying his fees etc. also besides pocket money. The main focus should be on doing hard work for completing the studies by outstanding scores preferably coming within top 5 students in the college/university so that it becomes possible to get a job even after completing degree. No body is going to help by talking about financial hardship etc. One has to overcome his problems on his own. It will be better to find job by searching manually in the neighborhood or in the city where one resides. Genuine options for earning online are scarce and far between. However working on ISC on voluntary basis is always open for the author. The author can earn up to the set limit by posting articles, jobs, resources and answers to ask exert section etc.

Author: Farheen Khan    28 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

If you want to work from home/hostel, are strong in your subjects and can teach students then I would suggest you register yourself on the umpteen number of free tutorial websites. Some of the free and genuine ones are Prestoexperts, Tutorindia, Teacheron, Eduwizards, tutorville etc. If you set up a good profile, you will be able to attract sufficient students. Alternatively you can even make projects for school students.
You can also sign up at various free lancing websites, one such established one is Elance. This might help you get work related to your designing skills.
If you plan to work online, it would be helpful if you make a Paypal account (it is free) and link your bank account with it. It will facilitate collecting payments from clients.
For any online work, do not register at a website that asks for money, because there is a 90% chance it will be fake.
Considering options other than online work. If you stay in a metropolitan city, you will often find young people doing advertisement work for different brands by standing at kiosks or distributing pamphlets etc. If you see someone like this, you can get in touch with them and ask if they have an opening for someone new. Such jobs often pay anywhere between 500-1000 per day. However, considering your field (engineering), you may find it difficult to take out time for work like this.

Author: [Anonymous]    28 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Your hard work never goes vain. First of all, let me clarify you one thing is that maximum of online jobs which will ask for money are fraud and they will not give you money in return. One more thing, I suggest you to that you should never invest money even single paisa of your own for getting job.

Anyhow, you have good knowledge in auto CAD then why don't you try to do job in institutions? And you are saying you have written articles for Urdu paper. Whether they published or not? Anyhow, finally what is your capability? From your query, I can say that you can write articles, you are good at English (may be not fluently), Designing skills, Teaching capabilities etc. which you know better than me.

Why don't you try to work in ISC, from which you can earn some money. You can get paid by writing articles, Giving answers in ask expert question so that can earn some revenue share bonus.
You can work in PPC, PPD, Mturk, Mini jobs etc. but all these grab your valuable time.

I think below link will help you to get some ideas on how to earn through part-time jobs and various part-time jobs. Tutor jobs are also good one.
Here is the link

Author: Mahesh    28 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

AutoCAD knowledge can be useful for you to get some small projects or intership. Find the companies or the project shops that allow some work on AutoCAD. You can then go ahead and do their work on part time basis. This way you can easily get some small money for the amount of work that you do.

If you want to do any random work then your best option to do job is to work in retail shops or the malls. For example retail shops such as Big bazaar or the food shops such as McDonalds regularly have the vacancy. And you can fill in the position. Most of these jobs are only expect you to be present at shop and do the chores. Also they expect you to know better English.

You can also respond to the small jobs posted in the newspaper. They may be hectic jobs but for part time sake they can be really useful. I suggest you to check them out if you are looking for earning some money on monthly basis. I also suggest you to ask for referrals, this way you can reach more people and get some small job offers.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    29 Apr 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

If you are interested enough in blogging, that would be a best avenue of earning a decent income.I know many engineering students indulging in blogging activity and earning quite a handful. Yes, it needs you to have enough knowledge of SEO. Getting to write sponsored posts on your blog can be of immense help as far a decent earning is concerned.
There are many sites which pay you for the content you post. Prominent among them are the Spider Network sites you are currently on., www, and are a few such sites.

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