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Best ideas and suggestions for school fashion show for mothers

Date: 27 Apr 2016   Posted By: Chitra Rana Raghav     Group: Family & Life    Category: Parenting   

I got an invitation to participate in a Fashion Show organised for mothers on mother's day in my daughter's school. I do not have any idea what to do as they have mentioned to wear Ethnic summer wear and points will be given on confidence and presentation. I have never participated in any type of fashion show or anything like that (where if dressing or a particularly feminine type of walking or acting is required). I am not so feminine in my behavior or dressing style. I do wear ladies ethnic wear but only on occasions like festivals at in-laws home or in marriages.

Please share your experiences what you did or what should be done or prepared for that day.
I have following questions:
1. What type of dress I should wear (Saree or suit)? What I can carry with dress which can add style without making it extra for the occasion?
2. What do they mean by "Presentation"? Should I prepare a short speech or poetry just for adding something?
3. Or should I just ignore the invitation and avoid participating in it?

Want to participate in a fashion show for mothers at your kid's school? The responses at this Ask Expert page will provide you with unique suggestions on what to wear & how to present yourself.

Author: sathish chandrasekaran    03 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 6  (Rs 6)    Voting Score: 0

Dear Chitra,

I would suggest you to attend it for the love your child. She will remember this for life. Every kids learn and draw inspiration from the family and surroundings. You taking part in the program will certain be a great insight for your child. Moreover, you can also have a new experience in life and to look at yourself in a new light.

Answering your questions in the same order:

1. Each person body type, complexion and feel of comfort varies. You may try saree as it is just apt for such occasions and presents you better with minimal makeup. You do not have to prove anyone about your beauty. You are going there to entertain your daughter and respect her feelings. So feel confident about your purpose of accepting the invitation.

2. By presentation, they mean how you are dressed, whether your hair is done properly, neat and clean. This is what presentation is. But I do like the idea that you want to share a poetry in case you prefer then it will be a real show steal.

3. Please do not ignore the invitation. Your daughter may not express how she felt but ultimately that pinch stays inside for lifetime.

Author: Juana    05 May 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 15  (Rs 15)    Voting Score: 0

Since it is a fashion show and it is summer it is best to wear something that looks cool and summery. A cotton sari is a safe bet – though chiffon would be ideal. Here are some suggestions for you to choose from:
1. A cotton chikan work sari in soft shades like lemon yellow, pista green, light grey, peach etc. Team it with a sleeveless blouse or one with a low back. Tie your hair in a bun and wear flowers in your hair. Keep jewellery to a minimum. Just wear earrings to accentuate your face. Nothing on the neck and hands. Don't forget to wear stilettoes. Don't pin up the pallu, instead let it fall free from the shoulder. Wear a huge bindi, kohl in your eyes, lipstick and a big confident smile.
2. Wear a printed chiffon (pure chiffon). You can leave your hair loose or have it styled into a French knot at the parlour. A few ornamental beads in the hair as an embellishment. A pearl string around the neck or earrings and a few glass bangles on the wrist. Chiffon is classier, so keep the bindi small. Wear light eye makeup if you are used to it or go with kohl and lipstick.
3. Go bohemian - an ethnic flowing skirt with a short kurti is also an option that you can consider. Fabindia has some nice skirts and kurtis. Pair the outfit with chunky jewellery on the hands and neck. Braid your hair or leave it loose. Flat kohlapuris, mojari or juttis will complete the look.
Coming to the questions raised by you –
1. Confidence – Walk tall, with your head held high. Don't slouch, take confident strides and swing your arms as you normally would. Smile at the judges, make eye contact with them. Walk up the runway, stop for a while as you reach the end. Twirl around as models do. Stop a sec, smile at the judges and walk back. Don't overdo the walking part – walk as you normally do.
2. Presentation – It's about how you put your look together. All chamak dhamak and loads of makeup would spell poor presentation. Maintain a classy look, as it's always elegant.
3. Have a speech prepared and also answers to some questions. Learn to think on your feet and give witty responses in a clear voice. Hold the mike close to your mouth when speaking. If you are nervous, hold the mike with both hands. If the question stumps you. Smile, it gives you time to think, repeat part of the question – you get more time to think and by then I'm sure, you'll be ready with your response. Remember, it's just a school show, so chill, don't get tense.
4. DON'T IGNORE THE INVITATION. You'll send a wrong message to your kid. Escapism is hardly an answer to your predicament. You're a modern, working woman. You can go face all the other moms and staff. Be confident in your abilities. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Author: [Anonymous]    12 Sep 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 6  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

There is first time for everything. Your hesitation and nervousness is understood but this will be an altogether different experiment for you which will be give you an undefinable experience. So just don't think much and go over there and carry lots of enthusiasm within yourself. Nervousness what you are experiencing will definitely disappear and no matter what you wear and what you are carrying to complement your attire, you are going to outshine everyone by letting yourself loose. Dresses and accessories that you will be wearing does matter but above everything matters is your will power and confidence.

It is okay if you are not feminine in behavior when it comes to dressing up but definitely since you are a female, feminine nature is hidden in you somewhere but may be not explored yet. This is the right moment and right occasion for you to check how good your feminine side can be and how well you can improve it in your future if at all it adores you in some way or the other.

Whether you have to wear sari or suit has to be decided by you itself. In my opinion since you are not very feminine as you said, I would give my vote for suit. Sari is difficult to carry whereas in suit you will feel much more comfortable.

Some of the suggestions I could give you related to options you have for wearing in fashion show are:-
1) Kurta with leggings-
Don't choose heavy work kurta with bright colors. Remember since theme is summer ethnic wear, no matter what you wear choose light colors that complement your tone. Moreover you don't have to carry a veil with kurta and thus little efforts required.

2) Punjabi Patiala suit-
Your kurta will be above knee length whereas Patiala pant best if you wear white in color as per summer theme along with dupatta. This attire will be perfect dress for occasion.

3) Churidar-
Do not choose a heavy work material. Let it be with little embroidery.

4) Sari-
Since it is a summer fashion show, if thinking about wearing a sari then go for cotton. Choose sari which are preferable light in colors like light pink, dull yellow or white with little border work will do the magic.

I don't think presentation means giving a speech or something. It simply means how you present yourself. Sometimes we wear too much but cannot carry them properly. There is no point in over doing anything. Be what you are and still be according to the theme. This is the beauty of ethnic wear. Whatever you are wearing let it look neat, like pin your sari or veil nicely. Do your hair properly. Apply a very little make-up or else go altogether natural. If still in doubt then prepare 4 lines or a paragraph of something you love, may be about your daughter. That will sound very appropriate.

Do not even think of avoiding participation. Just go for it. As said you will gain a new sort of experience from it. Moreover your daughter will learn a lot from you. Quitting is something you don't want to teach her ever. The way you want her to excel in each and every field no matter how many hindrances come in her way, in the same way you too have to let go your nervousness and participate in this competition but just remember be comfortable in what you are wearing.

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