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What is graphology and what courses are available in this discipline?

Date: 01 May 2016    Group: Education    Category: India Educational Consultants   

I have heard that there are good prospects of employment in the field of Graphology. Is it true? What is graphology and what courses are available in this discipline? From where I can receive education/training in graphology? Which institutes offer such courses and where are they situated?

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Author: Mahesh    03 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Think of graphology as a way to read the handwriting of a person and then judging his personality, intentions and the deduction on the basis of the same. It is one of the courses where the persona profiling is done in the syllabus.

Though modern techniques have shown that handwriting doesn't actually relate with the intentions and doesn't reflect the person's character traits. So this course has lost it's credibility over a period of time. However there are many institutes that offers the course.

Here are some of the institutes that offer the course:

1. Handwriting Analysts International, Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
2. Graphonolia - School of Graphology, New Delhi (Delhi)
3. Milind J Rajore Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Pune (Maharashtra)
4. Adventure Academy, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

There are some other states and deemed universities that offer the course in this regard. Course fees in some states are from 5000 Rs to 8000 Rs or more depending on the institutes rules. There are no entrance exams. And the course usually offered is giving out diploma in graphology.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    03 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 6  (Rs 6)    Voting Score: 0

Graphology is an art of identifying the personality traits of a person based on the handwriting. Though there have been many theories put forward by the proponents of the so called science, there are no evidences to prove its efficiency.
Graphology has long been treated as a Pseudoscience and has been grouped with similar other disciplines like palmistry, astrology and numerology.

Some of the institutes offering courses in graphology are -
1. Kolkata Institute Of Graphology, Kolkata

2. Institute of Graphological Research, Mumbai

3. Institute of Graphological Research, Panaji -Goa

4. Adventure Academy, Chennai

5. Handwriting School of India, Bangalore

6. International Institute of Graphology (IIG), Pune

7. Graphonolia - School of Graphology, New Delhi

8. Sri Yogeashwari Institute, Bangalore

9. Indian Graphologists, Kolkata

10. World School of Handwriting (Navi Mumbai), Mumbai

Author: Pawan Kumar    04 May 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

It is the science of 'reading' a person through his/her handwriting. Study of handwriting is based on style of writing, the formation of letters, the alignment and space between words and lines etc. It bears the unique imprint of one's personality with all its strengths and weaknesses. It is the study of relationship between handwriting and personality. Amateur quick
graphology learner course, Certification course in graphology, The Comprehensive Diploma Course, The Evaluated Trait Diploma Course, The Beginners Diploma Course, Advanced Certificate Course in Graphology, Basic Principles of Graphology, Graphology (Handwriting) Training are some graphology courses.
Institutes that offer graphology courses: Handwriting School of India Bangalore, Institute of Graphological Research Mumbai, World School of Handwriting Mumbai, International Institute of Graphology Pune, Kolkata Institute of Graphology, International School of Handwriting Analysis Jaya Nagar

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