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Is Japanese language necessary for studying in Japan?

Date: 09 May 2016   Posted By: Seema Shah     Group: Education    Category: Study Abroad   

English is the most common language used to deliver education at under graduate and post graduate level.
Is this true if one wants to study in Japan?
But: many people have said that Japanese language is necessary for studying in Japan.
I am confused.
Experts: Do clarify my confusion.

Confused whether knowledge in Japanese is mandatory to study in Japan. See what our experts say about this..

Author: Kailash Kumar    09 May 2016      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

There cannot be a generalized answer to the question raised by the author. Generally options for pursuing higher education in English medium are made available in reputed universities of Japan. It depends on the course i.e. whether it is a short term non-degree course or a regular academic program like masters or doctoral degree. It is best to first identifying the course intended to be pursued and then visit the website of the university to confirm availability of course in English medium. Instead of paying credence to what people say, it is always advisable to carry out first hand study of the website of the institution concerned.

Author: Keerthi Vasanth    09 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

As said by Kailash sir, only few of the universities in Japan provide English medium. So you need to take a list of the colleges in Japan which provide coaching in English.

Rather than checking with others, it is advisable to recheck in the university website about the courses offered and contact the respective university.

Japanese language is an option as English is spoken world wide. Also it will be an additional qualification for you if you are able to communicate in Japanese if preferred to study in Japan.

Keerthi Vasanth

Author: Mahesh    09 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

In order to live and communicate in japan, the local language is essential. Though most of the time you can get away with the English just fine. Even on educational campus, you don't need Japanese as the education can be taken in Japanese.

However social and verbal demand puts you in situation where it benefits if you learn Japanese. Most of the time you can learn nominal amount of daily words and can live just fine.

However passing JLPT level exams can be beneficial. Two of the known exams are good enough for you to learn the language.

Author: [Anonymous]    09 May 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Language is not the thing only involved while studying. You also need to to communicate with others for your day to day requirements with their local residents and that needs knowledge of their local language.
In case of education, the language requirement depends upon the type of course and university you opt for.

But again, please note that you will need to learn at least basics of Japan language to have hurdle free stay there.

Author: [Anonymous]    12 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Do you want to study in Japan? I must congratulate you for choosing Japan country. Japan is the country where always updated with latest technologies.
There are two chances for you. If you learn Japanese language then you should choose any university in the Japan otherwise you have another chance. Search for the universities which provide education in English too. However, if you want to communicate with other people lived in Japan one should know local language. No need of knowing writing and reading of Japanese language. Just for communication purpose or if you want to do part-time jobs then it will be helpful for you. If you search a part-time job, you should have to follow some tips. However, you can continue with your creative jobs too. In the location of part-time jobs, they will prefer only local candidates mainly because of they are comfortable with local language. This is the reason why companies hire local candidates. However, you can eligible for scholarships too. It is always better to know how to become successful after reaching there. Do not forget to follow social networking sites. Through social networking sites only, you can gather much information regarding colleges and universities. If you want to know the detailed information about the foreign countries then you must follow this link.
In addition to the above information, you should know why foreign countries are providing free education to the international students and you will find all the information regarding to your query here. Do you applied for visa? So, it is always better to follow some techniques on visa about what to do and what not to do during the interview process.

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