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How to make a child study well in their school work at home?

Date: 18 May 2016   Posted By: Rahul     Group: Family & Life    Category: Parenting   

I want to know how can we get children to study well at home. One of my friends suggested the best way is to teach the children with a home tutor. Are home tuitions really the best idea? Any other suggestions?

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Author: Kailash Kumar    18 May 2016      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

First of all an atmosphere conducive for study has to be created at home which can be done by parents only. A better way for them is to join some additional course themselves in distance learning mode to acquire additional qualification and study themselves together with the children. There is no end of learning and the parents can always add value to their existing qualification. The parents cannot adopt dual standard by spending their most of the spare time in socializing and expecting the children to slog in studies. Another better way for the educated parents is to tutor the children themselves. Even if a home tutor is employed, the parents have to involve themselves with the studies of the children and keep themselves engaged in their duty and responsibility of constantly monitoring and supervising their studies. The parents cannot absolve themselves of their responsibility by outsourcing the same to a home tutor.

Author: sushma    19 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 2

Hiring a home tutor is not a bad idea but tution alone does not help the child in studies. Every parents must have a check of what their child is doing. They should make sure if child is able to grasp what ever is taught in school or by tution teacher. Parents should have a talk with child's teachers to know about child's progress. Parents should make sure that they are not busy watching TV or spending time with others while child is studying as this might distract the child. Also child should not be pressurized only for studies. Some time should be given for child for other activities too so that the child can have some change and can concentrate better.

Author: neelam joshi    19 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

The best way to teach in home is using more audio visuals,pictures,real places and graphics for every thing durring the beginning when a child starts to learn.
Becuase a child can forget what was written in a book what he/she was forced to study but when the same thing is taught with audio visuals a child always has that memory saved in his/her memory.
It is a form of a practical knowledge that a child learns its not like something written somewhere and he/she grasp it line by line but have no idea about what was it in reallity.
But with such form of knowledge a child learns about observation.

Author: Sanghamitra    19 May 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 2

This is a question that I face everyday! But being a mother I have found out my ways and means of getting a child to study at home.

Kids love to talk. Talk with them. Dont talk to them. Listen to them. Treat them with respect. Once they have had their say they become putty in your hands.

Open the book for them and ask them directly to read a chapter. A general instruction like "complete your studies" almost never works! Be specific like "have you completed chapter 3 of Physics?'

Take this as an opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. In our busy environment we almost never get to spend quality time with kids. Teaching can be fun for them if you get involved.

Kids have too much of fun and TV and Video games anyday. They are ready for something different. Study could be that "different" thing they are looking for. Give it a try.

Kids should really not spend more than a couple of hours at home studying. They have been under supervision all day at school. Being supervised at home will take all fun out for them. Just relax and see that they do their homework. Studying is more of a discipline than a compulsion. Daily a couple of hours should suffice.

Last but not the least, please don't get stressed out. Just be there for the kids and spend time wth them. They will do well in life!

Author: Mahesh    20 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Sometimes kids don't behave well when they are not seeing any reward out of the actions. So in order to make them study you have to put some sort of reward there. That makes them have a mental conditioning to work towards the goal. So let's say you promise them some toy or say sports stuff if they score specific number. This sort of reward and effort combination works for many kids. Make sure that you don't spoil the kid in such way that whatever they wanted would get them immediately from you.

So in order to make the kids study at home, you have to set such system. You can also appoint the tutor and that should help in the process as well. However tutor is yet another class like school. So you have to get kids in such condition that they understand the material in the school. Such small things can change the way the child thinks. And they can be receptive towards the study. Make sure child is surrounded by the kids who like studying as that helps in such cases.

Author: Juana    20 May 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

If you observe adult human behaviour you will notice that everything most of us do is a result of habit – that morning cup of tea, that lolling in bed on the weekend, that shower before going to work, brushing our teeth before eating – I could go on with the list, but I guess, you get what I mean. Similarly, with children we need to inculcate the 'habit' of studying. It is not something they might like to do – same as not liking to eat certain vegetables or taking a bath etc., however, we ensure that they pick up good habits as they grow up. Likewise, we must teach them to study effectively, such that studying becomes a part of their daily routine.

Here's how this can be achieved-

1. Set rules for playtime, TV time, relaxing time and study time etc. You do not have to be rigid with the timings, but must ensure that the rules are adhered to.

2. Assign a place to study. If the child does not have a separate room or a study table, then let him use the dining table or someplace comfortable – with good light and fresh air.

3. There should be no disturbance while the child is studying – no TV running in the background, no talking over the phone when the child studies etc.

4. Have a fixed time for studies. For example, the child must complete his homework before going out to play (anytime between 4-5:30pm).

5. The homework must not be rushed because his playmates are waiting or because there's a show on TV that he wants to watch. The work must be neat and precise. The child must also be taught to go over his work after he completes it, and check for errors, if any.

6. Do not make it seem like a punishment or a task – instead it must be something that the child learns to accept as part of his routine. So, while the child is studying, a parent can sit around doing their own work, while being available to guide the child in case help is needed. The child does not feel that he is alone, studying.

7. Have the child pick up his books after the homework is completed. This of course after an adult checks the work to be complete and correct.

8. Spend 10-15 minutes with the child going over the work he has done. This ensures that the child does not complete his homework in haste, rather understands what he is doing. If the concepts are not clear, spend a few more minutes making them clear to him, even if this means he is getting late for play. The child will learn that he needs to concentrate and remember what he studied or else he will lose out on his playing time.

9. Have a time assigned for self- study after play/dinner. This must be the time when the child revises what he learned in school. It can also be a time the child spends learning new things. Facts from a GK book or an encyclopedia or an educative video.
10. Spend time with him going through what he revised. It need not be a one-to-one interaction. Instead, you can make a quiz for him to answer or have him describe to you what he learned. Act, amazed at his knowledge (this helps build the child's confidence and the will to learn and share more). The discussion on what he learned should be informal, while having dinner etc. For instance, if the child has to memorize a poem, you learn it too. Then start reciting the poem when having dinner and the child will probably take the cue and continue reciting it. Similarly, if the child is learning about nouns in English grammar – make a game of identifying the 'noun' items on the dining table – tumbler, plate, bowl, daddy, sister etc.

The idea, remember, is to make learning fun. The minute you begin forcing the child the enthusiasm of learning is killed. Do not compromise with studies, but stick to the rules. No going to play/watching TV if the studies aren't complete. You don't have to be a tyrant enforcing rules, but have to explain them positively to the child. You might face resistance at first, but the child will soon fall into a routine.

Good luck with your parenting!

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    23 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

The parental role in reshaping the career of children are important. The children are sensetive enough to observe the temperament of their parents including their commitment, adherence to time - schedule, seriousness towards their jobs. All such positive traits would go a long way in changing the attitudes of the children. The following guide - lines would be helpful in this context.
1) Being a sensible parent, inculcate the habit among the children that each parameter such as playing indoor or otherwise, writing and studying in a consistent way are the essential ingredients for the personnel success.
2) One work is to be persued at a time and an emphasis should be given for the time - management for each of activities.
3) The children must understand the importance of studies and in no way, they should remain in haste to complete the home- work in order to view any TV programme.
4) Positive feed - back should be given to the children how other candidates of the same colony have scored well in the medical - tests or have found place in IIT. Such utterance from the parental side would create positive impact in their learning habit.
5) Some quality time must be spared for the frank talk deliberation with the children. Such exercise would lift the confidence of the kids.
6) Encourage the children to think independently and analytically why he is getting such an end result. Such creative thinking would improve his intelligence. In literature paper, he must be encouraged to be write the contents independently.

Author: Tanuja S    25 Aug 2016      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

For a small child, study time should be fun time.
If the child is below seven years old, the main goal of the parent/teacher should be in helping the child establish the foundations for his lifelong journey of education. The child should be encouraged to develop a liking for learning rather than imposing education on them. Once a child feels that study time is actually fun and enjoyable they will naturally develop an inclination for studies.
For a small child starting to learn counting, try to create little games for them in daily life .... maybe you are walking down the stairs, you could start counting along with your child ... In the process if the child does make a mistake do not fret over it ... allow the child to make mistakes and gently correct them and let it go ... Keep gently correcting the next time but do not excessively dwell on correcting the child -- they will eventually learn. When you have bought some apples, allow your child to count them before storing them at home. Teach the child how a plant grows .... you can easily purchase a small pot for your child and sow some methi (fenugreek seeds) and make it a habit to let your child watch the daily progress of their plant ... As they watch explain to them simple concepts on how the plant is growing, what plants need such as soil, light and water ...
Learning for small children should be a continuous process in their daily life.
For slightly older children, when they have to study for academics, start with some fun topic ... Say you can have a small game of starting with a capital city such as Mumbai -- As Mumbai ends with I the next person should name some captital that starts with I such as Imphal and then the other person lists a capital with the ending letter L, say Lucknow and so on .... You can very well guess how fun this is for both you and your child.

Happy Learning to you as the best way to learn is to Teach :)

Author: Reena Upadhya    05 Sep 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 15  (Rs 15)    Voting Score: 0

Most of the kids run away from studying. This is because studying is more like a work to them. They enjoy playing but study do not amuse them. If they are taught joy of reading then studying will be more like fun to them unlike compulsory home work which subjects them to boredom. Look at the simple example, kids are not very friendly rather scared of their teachers whereas they are very free and friendly with their parents cause teachers always punish them and try to be strict with them so that kids show improvement in their studies. Same way if studying becomes enjoyable and turns into fun then children will never run away from it. They themselves will eagerly wait for the time when they can open their books and go through their study material.

Studying becomes boring and difficult when kids are asked to mug up without realizing and understanding the meaning behind it and the purpose beneath it. One who mugs up for sure there is a possibility that one will forget it soon. One who understands the material will remember it forever. Thus, right from early age help your kid to understand the study material and grasp it instead of asking them to by heart the whole thing so that they can reproduce the same during exams and fetch more marks. This kind of study is of no use as not only it seems boring to kid but also kid isn't really anything learning from it.

Studying at home should be made pleasant and fun loving. For this, parents and other family members should put in a little extra effort. Home tutor can help kid to study at home but if he/she is creating the same environment as class room then it is of no use. Although in class rooms, teacher cannot concentrate on each and every single student whereas home tutor kept for kid will know kids strengths and weaknesses and can concentrate particularly in those areas and subjects which kid finds difficult. Just remember one thing that home tutor you are keeping for your kid should be friendly with him.

Other ideas that can make a kid study well at home are:-
1) Studying should be more like playing. Don't force him to mug up instead mingle his study with games. For example, when it comes to learning tables or maths, give him objects and make him to add them or subtract from them or else ask him to count stars.
2) If you are teaching him history then narrate the whole thing to him like a story. Kids enjoy hearing to story and will remember it no matter how many years have passed.
3) Any other subject matter can be narrated to him in the form of graphical representation or in the form of pictures. This way he will be able to understand it better.
4) Poems can be recited by repeatedly listening to the Cd's or Dvd's in which the poems are recorded.
5) Take him to gardens, parks, aquarium and help him to relate his theoretical study with more practical information. For example, if he has study of fishes in his course material then you can take him to aquarium and help him understand the whole thing.
6) Lastly, in this computer era, all the information needed will be very well fed in computers and thus if you have to get some pictures or narration then you can do so very easily which will help your kid for better learning.

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