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How can we improve the speed of a blog?

Date: 20 May 2016   Posted By: Santosh Kumar Singh     Group: Computers    Category: Blog and websites   

How can we improve the speed of a blog? I also want to know some tips to improve page impression and good template information to set on my blog which looks nice and professional.

Nowadays I am not getting good response and page impression even after hard work so I want to know some expert advice.

Worried about the slow speed of your blog? Quickly get expert help to understand how to increase the blog's loading speed & also get tips on improving page impressions & better template designs.

Author: Mahesh    21 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 2

Here are some of the tips for you to improve the speed of your blog.

1. Host your website at better hosting company. There are many companies who offer cheap shared hosting packages. However you may find that such companies are not good for the server resources and bandwidth. So make sure you choose the better company for hosting.

2. Use template that has less graphic elements. As the graphical elements such as audio, video and heavy images take more time to download. And this reduces the speed of your blog. That's why make sure your template has minimal theme or elements and helps in downloading the page quickly.

3. If you're using CMS for the blog or the website such as WordPress or joomla then optimize the data base on regular intervals. This helps in improving the speed with the queries being made to the site.

4. Use browser caching features if possible. There are many ways you can enable this service. You have to contact your hosting service on the tricks that allows this.

5. Reduce image size and optimize them for quality. Most of the images with bigger size take longer to download. You have to use optimization and reduce the image size without losing the quality of image.

6. Reduce HTTP calls. This can be done by hosting the javascript and other media files on CDN. And this will reduce the speed to download as well.

7. Reduce 404 pages on website. This will help from SEO side and also makes less calls to the hosting. Less 404 calls to the hosting server, the more performance for the rest of the site.

8. Enable page caching. If you are using WordPress or any other similar CMS then page caching plugins such as w3 cache can be really useful.

9. Minify CSS. It doesn't matter whether you have static website or the CMS. This CSS minification is really speeds up the loading of the website.

10. Use CDN such as cloudflare or the akamai CDN. There are many other CDN companies. The CDN can host the static version of the website and speeds up the website or shows the website in case if the live version goes down. It also reduces the attacks on your website.

These are some of the tricks that you can use to speed up the blog. Depending on your CMS and the hosting service, the tips and the execution to speed up the blog will vary.

Author: Pawan Kumar    21 May 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

There are many ways to improve the speed of a blog. some of are : Choose a template which has less usage of Javascript. Always use 4 to 5 posts on homepage,if you use more than that it will drastically increase the page load time. Remove unnecessary sharing widgets from the home page. Open your template editer and search for useless CSS and Javascript codes which have no use and delete them. Only use 5 images in one post. Only show less than 5 ads in a page because it decrease your page load time.

Author: Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma    22 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here are some tips to improve the speed and impression of your blog.
1. Do not use heavy template for your blog, use a lighter one, which will load on web browser quickly and easily.
2. Put few graphical contents which is required on your blog.
3. Try to write more and more text and post it without graphical content (if possible).

Please, read the below articles to know about how to improve page impression of your blog.
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Author: saket kumar    16 Jun 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

" Today I am going to tell you how we can improve the speed of the blog." The blogs must be content useful idea , useful text and many more. you will use less size of image in you blogs and your image should be bright and content bright color. The Right Template should be used in the blogs for example you will create the education blogs so the template should be related to the education and the layout of the blogs also be important in the blogs. if the layout of the blogs is the most attractive then the people can visit your blogs daily. Do not use the 404 pages in your blogs.The beauty of the blogs depend on the followings:- 1. DOMAIN NAME where you create the blogs 3. the layout of the blogs. 4. the content of the blogs. 5. the templates of the blogs. 6. design of your blogs.

Saket singh
Everyday learner.

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