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    Is malasma (pigmentation) curable?

    Is skin disease malazama (pigmentation) on my cheeks and top of the nose curable or not.

    I am suffering from malazma from past 2 years they are light this time but it is gradually increasing. Once I took treatment from one hematologist he gave cream "tretcy" and day and night cream earlier it helped me improve my skin condition but as soon as I stop using that cream they came back.

    Then that doctor suggested me to go for micro-derma treatment but I am worrying for that. my pigmentations are very light but they are there please help what to do.

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    The exact cause of melasma is uncertain.
    Exposure to sunlight is the most important cause.
    Genetics plays a role & predisposes an individual.
    Hormonal influences have a role. In pregnancy, its more prominent.
    Upper lip cheeks, the chin, and the forehead are most commonly affected areas. Its common in women than in men. Melanin is increased in the skin layers.
    Differential Diagnoses & Workup is extensive. Responsible factors are mild ovarian or thyroid dysfunction and certain cosmetics in some cases. Depigmenting creams like Hydroquinone are available. Kojic acid, 4-N -butylresorcinol are depigmenting agents
    . Tretinoin is used.

    Cryotherapy,lasers & chemical peels are used.

    . Avoid sunlight exposure

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    Malasma is nothing but hyper pigmentation problem and is the reason for too much melanin on your skin. This hyper pigmentary disorder is characterized by dark spots like
    moles, freckles, age spots, and birthmarks, ranging from red or brown to bluish, black in most of the parts of the body.
    Malasma is said to be hereditary. If your parents had it there is every chance that you will also have it.
    Avoiding sun as much as possible seems to be the best remedy. Here it seems Prevention is the best cure.

    You can try these natural home remedies if you like. I have heard that this works for some. Onion juice plus cider vinegar.
    Chop up onion. Crush and strain in a cheesecloth or a muslin cloth as we say here in India take equal amounts of onion juice and cider vinegar. Apply daily in the morning and also at night before going to bed. Leave it for 10 minutes or so and then wash it out.
    If you do this regularly you might see the marks fade away.

    You can also dip lime pieces in vinegar and apply on the marks. Lemons are also good bleaches and so should help. I cannot guarantee that this is a sure remedy, but I have heard that this is helpful.
    If you like you can see an Homeopathic physician who can help you with internal remedies. You can consult one if you have someone closeby. Homeopathy is very good for skin problems.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    I think ayurvedic treatment will do the best.
    Some of tips here I specified will help you to avoid this
    1) Make the neem leaves as paste and apply it on the skin for few minutes. Neem leaves are good to cure skin problems and it also helps to remove the marks in the skin.

    2) Apply Kasthuri turmeri on your skin for few minutes. This also helps in curing skin allergies.

    3) Apply Aloe vera on your skin only for about 10 minutes.

    All the best.

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    Melasma is a kind of discoloration of skin and it mostly appears on the face due to over exposure to the sun.

    Cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead are the main parts of the face which get affected with Melasma. But it can also occur on other areas of skin, which get too exposed to the harsh sun rays.

    Due to overexposure to the sun skin starts producing melanin in excess and that is what is responsible for Melasma.

    But the main reason behind Melasma is not known yet.

    1 Use vitamin C and vitamin E every day,to remove melasma.

    2 Drink a glass of tomato juice or eat tomatoes, to prevent melasma .

    3.Skin lightening products and soaps and creams are also useful in reducing these patches .

    4.Apply the carrot juice to the face everynight, to be dry, rinse off. And the daily drink a glass of carrot juice,is also helpful

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    Reduce exposure to sunlight.

    Increase intake of vitamin c

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