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How to use the camera feature on Xiami Redmi Note 3 smartphone effectively?

Date: 30 May 2016   Posted By: Vandana     Group: Science and Technology    Category: Technology   

I would now like to know how to use the camera feature too in the smartphone we have, namely the Xiami Redmi Note 3.

When we click on the camera tool, at the bottom we can see: a white-filled circle at the centre above which is 'HDR', on the right is the icon of the video & on the left a circle which we understood captures an image and then shows up in the gallery. What we want to know:
1. What is HDR and when should we click on it?
2. On the screen at the left bottom appears a kind of slash like a lightning sign and when we click on that we get the option to use 'Auto'. When should 'Auto' be switched on?
3. When we tap on the screen to take a photo, it does not immediately take a snap at all. We have to tap it a number of times, then the circle in the center of the image turns from white to green and then only the image is captured. Why is this so? Should not an image be captured right away on one tap?
Experts: do respond.

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Author: Mahesh    31 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here are the answers to your questions-

1. HDR stands for high definition resolution. This settings makes the camera to take HD pictures and videos. You can enable or disable it depending on how you want the sharpness and picture quality.

2. Lightening icon means flash. It should be set to auto unless you know how to adjust the lightening. If you are taking the images in day then you can disable it for high sunlight. Otherwise keep it to auto.

3. If you are taking the images in HD then there is going to be processing delay. And based on that it takes the time for the images. So if there are no HD or other high quality settings enabled. Normal images can be taken in burst. There is setting for burst images.

Make sure you set the camera resolution below 16:9. Smaller the better for selfie and home images. Set the sharpness to maximum. This should be a good start for taking images with Mi note 3.

Author: Gypsy    02 Jun 2016      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 8  (Rs 8)    Voting Score: 0

HDR option should be used when one needs a detailed picture of something or someone. For example, one takes a pic of a sari, then zooms out the pic to see the embroidery on the sari. An HDR (or HR or HD) pic will show a whole lot of details and would not pixelate (would not blur very quickly while zooming). Another example, one takes a full length pic of any person. Suppose it is a HD pic, then it can be zoomed out to see even a mole on the face. A normal (non-HD) pic will pixelate when zoomed out and would not show the finer details.

HDR pics are heavy files as they contain a lot of data. It can be anything more than 2MB in size depending on the details it contains. The pixel size can be anything more than 3000 on the larger side. The file size will go on increasing with every edit in any software like Photoshop etc, but the pixel size will always remain the same until it is changed intentionally.

The lightning sign is for the flash, and should be used as explained by Mahesh

Turning of the white circle to green (it can be a square also in some models) - It is the process of focusing of the lens. Green color signals that the lens is properly focused and the camera is ready to take the snap of the target. So, when one needs to take a pic, one needs to turn the camera on, then needs to tap on the screen, immediately a white circle or a square appears on the screen. The camera (the lens) starts focusing on the point where the photographer has tapped. The lens will try to bring out the best out of the area which has been tapped. The circle or the square will turn green when the targeted area is properly focused and the camera is fully ready. Take the snap at that time.

Reason for the need of the multi tapping:-
1. Maybe you are not waiting till the circle turns green and tap it again. It tells the camera to focus again. So the whole process starts again.
2. Or, you are taking the pic in HDR mode. In that mode, the camera or the lens will take a longer time than usual to get ready as it is taking in a lot more details of the targeted area. So, you might be tapping it again before the white circle turns green.

It is like giving multi commands to a slow computer. The computer will get even slower.

About the selfies, sharpness and the camera resolution:- My views are that as a beginner, one should not try to change the factory settings of the camera. The factory settings are good enough for all the normal things. First just get familiar with the functioning of the camera properly, then try experimenting. One may need to take the phone to the service center for a software update or reloading of factory settings if one makes a mistake.

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